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Skills (including stats) are what determines what your character is capable of on his own.

The role-playing system on HellMOO is based on your character's stats and skills. If you type score (or sc as a shortcut) you'll see all of your stats and any skills you may have picked up. Your six base stats are the foundation of your character, and most of your skills will depend on how strong your stats are. This means that people with a higher brawn stat will be better at skills that require strength, like fists. Similarly, characters with a higher brains stat will be better at things like hacking. Your skills, and the skills they depend on, have a chance of improving when you use them. The more you shoot your pistol, the better you will get at shooting it. The more you use your fists the brawnier you will become. You can see how well you're doing on improving your skills by how many improvement points they have. It takes 100 improvement points to raise a skill by one level. This means that even if you improved every time you tried using your skill, you would still need to use it at least 100 times to bring it up on level.

Dice are rolled in the game to determine the outcome of many different contests between players, NPCs, and other objects in the world. We have gone to great lengths to assure that these numbers are as random as they can be. Naturally, the higher a character's stats and skill level, the easier it is for that character to do things in the game.

Using Skills

Some skills govern how well you can wield a specific weapon (such as fists, spears, rifles, etc). Higher skill level in these types of skills directly increases how acurate you will be with weapons of that type, and often adds to the maximum damage output of that weapon. You use these skills by fighting with the type of weapon that corresponds to the skill (by attacking something or being attacked by something while wielding that weapon).

There are some skills don't require you to type in a command to use (such as dodge, sneak, and swim). Skill level in these skills governs how well you will be able to do actions that pertain to them, such as sneaking past an FCPD camera, dodging an incoming blow, or not drowning. You can't directly use these skills as you can other skills, they are checked (and possibly improved) whenever you are in a situation that would logically use them. For instance, in order to use your dodge, you simply have to be in combat (with something that swings back, of course). In order to use your swim skill you need to be in water, etc.

Other skills require a command be typed in order to be used, such as repair, fuck, or scavenge. Higher skill will grant you a higher rate of success in the action you are attempting to perform with the skill. In the case of a skill like repair you'd need to actually type in fix <item> to use your repair skill.


On your score sheet a skill is presented as thus:

Skill      Raw    +   +   Total  Depends  Improve
fuck        6.51  +2  +6   [13]  End,Sen   1120xp  A pretty good fuck.

The first number is your raw skill level (six in this case) and the amount of improvement points (51 in this case) you have in that skill. The +2 is a temporary bonus from something affecting your stats. The +6 is a permanent bonus directly to that skill from something like mutations. The number in brackets is your total skill level, which is your raw modified by the stats governing the skill, as well as any drugs or other effects that may apply. The governing stats are shown next to the total skill level, followed by the cost in experience points to increase your raw skill level by one point from a teacher. And last but not least you see a little descriptive text which changes when you increase the skill.

Skill totals are calculated using a formula that looks something like avg(stats) + raw - M + B, where:

  • avg(stats) is the average of the current totals of the primary and secondary stats that the skill relies on, rounded down.
  • raw is, unsurprisingly, your raw level in the skill.
  • M varies depending on skill and on raw. For most skills, if raw is 0, M = 5, and if raw is 1 or greater, M = 2. Science is a major exception to this, with M = 10 at 0 raw and M = 4 at 1+. Fish and Fuck are less severe exceptions, with M at 1 for 0 raw and 0 for 1+ raw.
  • B represents any direct bonuses or penalties to the skill from mutations or equipment. In other words, this is where the number in the second "+" column on the scoresheet is added.

Skill Table

Skill Depends Notes
Appraise Brains, Senses Checking the value and power of items, clothing, weapons, and creatures.
Blades Reflexes, Cool Stabbin' folks.
Bombs Brains, Cool Blowing people up and not yourself.
Chemistry Brains Mixing chemicals
Climb Reflexes, Endurance Climbing ropes and cliffs.
Clubs Brawn, Reflexes Bashin' folks.
Craft Brains, Senses Making and modifying items.
Dodge Reflexes, Senses Getting the hell out of the way.
Feet  ? Not implemented
Fish Cool, Endurance Feed yourself for a lifetime
Fists Brawn, Endurance Punchin' folks.
Focus Endurance, Senses Channeling your chakra.
Fuck Endurance, Senses Ohhhh Yeaahhh
Hack Brains 0wning the network.
Linguist Brains Learn a foreign language, meet new people.
Locksmith Brains, Reflexes Installing and bypassing locks.
Medic Brains Curing and healing.
Persuade Cool, Brains Scamming innocent bystanders.
Pilot Brains, Reflexes Flying, driving and boating.
Pistols Cool, Reflexes Shootin' folks.
Quickdraw Cool, Reflexes Pulling things out quick.
Repair Brains Fixing what's broken.
Ride Cool, Reflexes Skating with a skateboard or driving a motorbike
Rifles Cool, Reflexes Shootin' folks with big guns.
Scavenge Endurance, Senses Finding useful loot.
Science Brains It's Aliiiiiiive!!!!
Sneak Cool, Senses Getting stuff that's yours into other people's hands, doing criminal stuff in front of security cameras.
Spears Endurance, Reflexes Skewering folks with a pole.
Steal Cool, Senses Pickpocketing, or something else not actually in-game
Swim Endurance Moving through water without choking on it.
Teach Brains Teach others
Throw Brawn, Senses Throwing things accurately.
Torture Cool, Endurance Extortion is the name of the game.
Track Senses Find your Prey
Wrestle Reflex, Endurance Bonus to headbutt and stripping something from someone you've grabbed.
Whips Reflexes, Senses Whip it good!