A Better Life

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A Better Life is located in Weezer Village, and the hours of operation are 8:00am to 10:00pm. It is on Main Street.

Note: prices and availability may vary. The shop seems to stock 7 types of implants at any one time and they get shuffled around every so often.

Goods for sale:

an alkatek DNI                          $    1,500
a coprocessor implant                   $    3,600
a syntheye implant                      $    3,600
a leukocyte stimulator                  $    3,600
a muscle juicer implant                 $    3,600
an ego modulator implant                $    3,600
a muscle controller implant             $   18,000
a hotrail implant                       $   18,000
a multiprocessor implant                $   18,000
a LIDAR implant                         $   18,000
an ego synthesizer implant              $   18,000
an antibody agonist                     $   18,000