2012 Newbie Guide

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Welcome to the 2012 Newbie Guide.

This is a rework of Nanie's 2010 guide, so credit to them as well.

Here follows some minor points for new HellMOO players.

Welcome to HellMOO! You have just created a character.

Alright, you just made your character. Now, you'll notice that there happens to be a flyer in your inventory and some manner of toybox behind you. Open the toybox and start ripping open animals for cheap random junk if you'd like - though none of it will be saved. Your current incarnation in the game is temporary. The flyer will tell you to go to the Museum, where you will find a way to pick skills and stats and for real start your character!

  • Your character isn't as created yet as you'd think!

As stated before, your character is in a temporary state. Nothing you do will be saved until you pick skills and stats. So do not start collecting items, getting xp or grinding skills just yet. Your main goal right now should be to come up with a build you want and then heading to the Museum basement.

Now, before you go on reading the rest the tips on this page you should consider reading the guides on the character creation guide, and some of the guides on suggested builds.

  • The Furnace is dangerous!

Just outside the hole you start in, north twice you can see a furnace one space up. If you are mindlessly wandering, you'll likely find the furnace by running inside of it blissfully ignorant.. You'll be fulfilling an important HellMOO tradition. A deadly tradition. (Unless you set the thermostat to 50 to shut it off first.)

  • Griefing, PKing and the like.

Hellmoo has evolved over the last year, and thus there is no more griefing and PKing as it was before. You can safely walk around in the orphanage and not get accosted by other players. Unless you challenge someone (by the command or aggressive action) or wander out of Freedom City or Slagtown into an area which is 'yellow' (you will see the difference in the colour of the area name) - there anyone can attack you at all times.

  • Help, I am lost!

It is quite easy to navigate in Hellmoo, thanks to all the helpful commands and the nice colour-ascii like interface. You can type lmap or gmap to bring up overhead maps of where you are, if you step outside the orphanage you will want to head north and then west down the street to find the Museum. It will be clearly marked on your map as [Mu].

  • This Ernest fellow won't let me through in the basement of the Museum!

Ernest is an asshole NPC. You should either kill him or try to please him orally. (The commands are kill ernest and suck ernest.)

On that note, get to the museum. You can do this easily by examining and using the flyer in your inventory.

Now you should check out the Character Creation page before going further! Basically all builds usually break down to picking a weapon skill and building around it. Good luck!

Oh god I am dying!

If you get hurt by something or get sick, this is easily dealt with. You can ask Sister Agnes in the orphanage to heal you, or you can ask another player to heal you. If you get sick, you can do the same thing. If you do die, you will reclone at the clone tanks you are subscribed to. This defaults to the Clone Arrangers in Freedom City. Remember to update frequently at the clone tanks.

Hunger and Thirst

You will notice, by using the STATUS or ST command that your hunger and thirst will increase, this will eventually lead to your stats lowering themselves and eventually damage and death. You can find water in the kitchen in the orphanage (drink from sink). Food can be easily found by dragging a corpse to the RDCD processing unit. You can drag corpses, drag <corpse> to <direction>, to take them to the recycling plant just across the way from the orphanage. Use process <corpse> with RDCD to turn it into a soylent red food packet. Soylent food will make you a bit queasy in the long run, so finding another source of food is advisable. There is a 7/11 type store marked as [9E] up the street where you can buy some cheap food, for one, and you can also buy kebabs from the Tandoori Shack in Slagtown.

Making some Easy Money

It would be advisable at this point to join a corporation at this point to get some hints from players on money making, and access to contracts that net you money for killing certain targets. However, you should be able to make some money from the Orphanage by simply picking up everything you see and selling it to Avram down in [SU], south of the Orphanage. An easy way to do this is to get all, put all artifact in bag, and then sell bag to Avram in [SU]. He will take your bag, take all the artifact class items out and buy them. Anything he's not interested in he will return, including the bag. Another point of interest is to loot the drawer in the kitchen, which holds various weapons (cutting knife and so forth), and the donation bin in the basement. These items can be sold at the respective shops just east of the Orphanage.

Highly Suggested Equipment

You will find a shop marked as [EO] southeast of the orphanage. It will hold some very useful items for a new player. Your first purchase should perhaps be a gas mask and a bag, and later on a towel. The gas mask will protect you from black lung - a sickness very common in the orphanage. The bag is useful for holding loot of course, and selling it. While the towel can be used to clean yourself if you get splattered with zombie bile, the bile itself will have you turn into zombie - leading to your death. A canteen or similar item would be good for storing water, too. To browse equipment you type list, to purchase you type buy <item in question>.

How to log off Safely!

So, you wanna close HellMOO out and return to your daily life. Sweet. But, if you just close out the window, your character will fall into a fairly vulnerable state of narcoleptic fail. You will be standing there. Able to have whatever done to you.

Just above the orphanage there is the Crash Landing Cube Hotel, [CL] on the map. Go there, use @sethome just in case your friends can send you home with a pinch, and log off there with @quit. You'll be safe then.