Yeti Skin

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Yeti Skin is a soak mutation which gives resistance against cold damage, and immunity to the ambient chill effect (not the one from Chiller). Prequisite for Yeti Fur.


Mountain Pass. Make your way to the red and black [ ] on the map. Head west/northwest, then down.


 [ Your chill resistance increased by 100! ]      Immunity to ambient chill from cold areas
 [ Your cold resistance increased by 8 - 10! ]
 Passive body temparature increase by +10°C

[Player] looks around as a thin layer of white hairs sprout on his/her/its now slightly swollen body.


The chill immunity is convenient for Flight mutants that would otherwise need to wear warm clothes while flying around.
While not common, the cold soaks are useful for fighting ghosts/shoggoths or against players that use Chiller/iceblox ammo/ectoblast cells on you. Combined with a rad suit, you're basically untouchable to poltergeists, making them easy to beat up and grind weapons on.


Barely any enemy deals cold damage and chilly areas are extremely rare.
Unless you're planning to get Yeti Fur, you can just wear some warm clothes instead.

Takes up a soak slot.


His/Her/Its skin is thick and dusted with white fur.