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To shadow Indiana Jones, you will need reflexes and decent senses.

Whips is a weapon skill that relies on reflexes and senses. While they have lower damage potential than some weapons, they are fast. The whips build potentially gives you very high dodge, which allows you to become a formidable fighter while wearing little armor.



The higher end whips are very fast. Also, the better ones do elemental damage, with the electric damage on flash whips being super keen. Since you'll be raising reflexes and senses for these, you'll have the best dodge of any other build.
Characters who want to be strong on brains skills, eg. hack, lockpick, chemistry and science, are encouraged to be whip users.
Alternatively, gymming endurance as your third stat would allow your character to be excellent at the focus skill and do a bunch of Drugs.


Whips do underwhelming amounts of damage and force you to choose between slash or electrical damage. This isn't so terrible, as most players are too afraid to wear a Deathsuit anyway.


  • Electric cord - Poor weapon that you can scavenge in Gangland. It's your fork, grind your whip raw with it. don't bother grinding and just buy your raws always go full sperg, never don't go full sperg.
  • Antenna whip - Buyable from Ammu-Nation, it's pretty good for a starter weapon. Does piddling amounts of slash and beat damage, and horrible critical, but it's quick. Even though it's cheaper now, you still shouldn't spend money on it when you can get a...
  • Leather whip - The first of the real whips. It's an antenna whip +1: slightly better in every way. They are improvised from a bunch of skins, and will be your staple until 4.00.
  • Nail Sjambok - Once again, a direct upgrade of the leather whip. These are uncraftable, and are only found as a rare spawn on the second level of Sharpton. If you find one, hold on to it for dear life, and pass it on to your corpmates once you hit 6.00. If you can't get one of these , use either a link whip or a venomous lash for grinding, though they're far from ideal.
  • Link whip - PC2, crafted, does beat damage and scales off brawn. Some madmen hunt Junkers with these.
  • Venomous lash - Also crafted, with the recipe hidden somewhere. It does the rare acid damage and some slash, but it's slow as shit and less accurate than previous whips. Acid damage is useful for breaking into things, you might want to keep one in your pack for that purpose.
  • Flame chain - Good stuff. Either bought in Weezer Village or rarely grabbed off the assholes that roam Nukem Academy. Does flame and beat damage. They're a bit slow and scale off Brawn a little. Fantastic for hunting Ice Yetis.
  • Blacklash - Craftable. Does less damage than flame chains, but some of that damage is ELECTRIC (and some slash). Real fast. Crafted into...
  • Flash whip - Blacklash without the poor slash damage and more volts/amps. Does as much electric damage as flame chains does fire (max of 20! Oh my!). Also faster and more accurate than blacklashes. You want these for killing other players.
  • Razorchain - PC2 slash/bleed whip that can be found or crafted. Really nice as a cheap, disposable endgame whip that can still kick ass.
  • Urumi - Urumis are PC0, making them great for dodge tanking enemies like Nullianacs. Crafted in the forge, one-handed, and can get very quick.

See Weaponry for additional details.

Mods slots

  • Elemental - Either the butane or shock mod. Put butane on your flame chains and shock on your electric whips, you need them to lower the chance of "X's whip bounces off Y's skin!" messages in combat.
  • Grip - Gyro, balanced, and loltape. 420 install balanced grips on every whip, everybody likes faster speed unless you have enough Reflexes to speedcap. In that case, Gyro is the way to go.
  • Unique whip mods - The tentacle and ninetails mods. Tentacle does a little of the super keen mostly unsoakable bleeding damage, and the ninetails gives a slightly better slash damage bonus. You can only have one or the other, though weapons already modded with both are not affected by this. There's also the acid pump kit that gives 1-3 acid damage. Most people slap ninetails on Razorchains and Urumis, and tentacle on Flash whips.
  • The EMP mod slot - Hello I am the EMP mod, I make your weapon harder to repair. Ghosts take flame and shock damage from flame chains and flash whips so the EMP mod is fairly totally useless. It is not possible to put an EMP mod on a whip and an elemental mod, which makes them even more worthless for whips.


  • PvE - Razorchain for 90% of enemies, Flash whips for the few that soak slash, Urumis for Nullianacs. For lategame (unless you're fighting gunners), prioritize dodge over soaks.
  • PvP - Get a flash whip and laugh because nobody wears electric soaks, then cry because you'll still deal no damage.