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A helpful introductory pamphlet to the nightlife of Hell.

So you're thinking about joining the undead

Vampires in HellMOO are quite unlike the creatures in other sources of fiction.

  • You can still get sick.
  • You still age.
  • You still need to breathe. (i.e. you can still drown)
  • You spontaneously combust in the sun.

What does this mean? It means you want to think very carefully before becoming a vampire, and definitely probably should not take vampirism as a first mutation.


So you're a vampire, or considering becoming one. Perhaps you got bitten by some jerk in the orphanage, perhaps one of your corporation comrades bit you in order to feed, perhaps you chose to permanently mutate (see Mutations) into a creature of the night. Well, there are some things you need to know in order to get the most out of your new fangs. Let's summarize the basic effects of vampirism:

  • With the vampire disease you get a bonus of +0.5 - +2 to to Brawn, Cool, Endurance and Senses and a corresponding -0.5 - -2 penalty to Brains. You also take 2x the sun damage as compared to a mutant vamp.
  • If you are a permanent vampire (you got the mutation) the bonuses and the penalty will always be +/-4. Note that your raw stats are not affected, even if you have the mutation, only your full stats are and therefore contributes to the buff cap on those stats.
  • You are able to heal by feeding (sucking blood) from people or monsters (see below).
  • Normal food will not provide sustenance, only taking blood from others will. You do, however, still need to deal with thirst as you normally would, but drinking blood does cure some thirst.
  • The sun will hurt you, and set you on fire. This is the most significant and obvious penalty. The sun will deal out a large amount of sun damage, and if you are set on fire (which is likely), you will continue to take damage until the fire goes out (note that bit players take double the sun damage those who chose the vampire mutation do). See below for details on how to live with this.
  • You will suffer a tremendous weakness to wooden stakes and harpoon rifles and pistols, no matter where they hit you. The exact damage multiplier is not important, but it's high enough that a vampire will usually be vanquished extremely quickly in any battle with a competent spear-user wielding a wooden stake. A hit to the chest with a wooden stake will be an instant crit, with varying chances chances to survive, depending on armor.
  • Vampire hunters will attack you on sight, using an assorted array of weaponry: which every bit of it is designed for putting down the nightwalkers. Be very careful, vampire hunter are now extremely strong! To the point that you really should consider running at times before engaging. The list of vampire hunters is:
    • Buffy She has insane dodge and a very decent to-hit. This blond bombshell wields one wooden stake. Roughly the 4th-3rd strongest hunter.
    • Blade Toting around a harpoon pistol, much higher health than normal and buffed up armor for soaks: Blade is a very real threat! Despite his buffs, he is still the weaker of the hunter: but do not take him lightly.
    • Callahan He has health out seven assholes. This man has so much HP it puts large dinos to shame and send them crying to their deaths. While yes Blade has quite a bit of HP, this priest has so so much more. To add to his abilities, Callahan has stat-wise 45 focus(god) with Carrie to ruin everyone everywhere. And pretty much everyone else.
    • Neville Fuck this guy. Seriously. You see him a tile away, just don't bother. Neville now totes a harpoon rifle and is accompanied by Samantha. This duo is outright scary to fight. The newly founded strongest hunter(s) in the game.
    • Abe The president. He presides with a special commemorative railway fire axe. He even has his own fan fic for the people that didn't take him seriously.
    • Tyrone Belmont The tracker, and face of the hunters. Wanders around wherever he pleases (including all of Freedom City, the Sewers and occasionally the Crater Rim). Uses a 'Vampire Killer' whip as his weapon instead of a stake. Unlike the other hunters the police won't attack him should he try to kill a vampire in the city. In addition he seems to have a vamp-tracking ability the other hunters lack.
  • You will be able to infect others with vampirism via feeding.

Getting vampirism

Acquiring vampirism (in order to get the mutation, or just for kicks) is as simple as asking a vampire you know to bite you, or, if you have neither friends nor acquaintances, asking in tradenet or chatnet. Few people will turn down a free lunch, but if you're really repugnant then at least nobody turns down a lunch they get paid to eat. In the event that people would rather spit on you than take your money, or you just hate everybody with a visceral passion, Boozer under the Crack House's porch (in Gangland, not to be confused with the Crack Mansion) will be more than happy to bite you if you attack him. Be sure to diagnose yourself after being bitten to ensure you have the disease, it's not a sure thing. Another easy way to do it for a mid-level character is to go to the underground mine and take on the two vampire bats, and let them attack you until you have full progression of the disease.

Getting rid of vampirism

Sometimes you just don't feel that fangs are right for you. That's okay, weaklings have rights too, provided they don't interfere with their bloodsucking, albino overlords.

If your vampirism is a disease, which it is if you were infected by a bite from another vampire, you can get rid of vampirism by having a character with high medic administer a craftable vampire cure on you. Dying will also cure your temporary vampirism.

If your vampirism was gained via the mutation, it is nigh-permanent, just like all other mutations. Deal with it, you pansy.


Not only is feeding by sucking blood from living creatures the only way vampires can eat (so to speak), it also lets them heal faster (approximately two points per heartbeat - the more you feed at one time the higher the healing).

Feeding works a lot like sex in that you will have to hold an unwilling target, while friends or gullible fools can permit you to feed freely by using allow suck from <x>. Once you are either holding, or have received permission from, a target, you use feed from <x>. Note that, in contrast to sex, you cannot feed from a dead or unconscious target.

Whenever you feed on someone you will have an automatic chance of infecting them with vampirism, whether you are a permanent (mutant) vampire or got your fangs through disease, but the resulting vampires will always be disease vampires. You cannot infect a permanent vampire with the vampirism disease.

When you feed on someone, you also have an automatic chance of being infected with whatever diseases they had, or being affected by whatever drugs were in their bloodstream. This is another good reason to try to feed from hyperimmune people when possible.

Feeding also tends to reduce thirst by a tiny bit - maybe 10-15 per bite.

<It is also possible to feed by tasteing blood spills, but the chances of getting sustenance is rather low quite possibly nonexistent. While I have not definitively disproved this, I never got even 1 point of hunger reduction, out of ~40 separate attempts

Dealing with the weaknesses

Vampire bestows great benefits, but you will gain proportionally significant weaknesses. They are so significant that it is important to deal with them intelligently.

Loss of Brains

Dealing with your loss of Brains can be done simply by grinding the stat back up in the usual ways or by taking the Swollen Brain or Empath mutations (see Mutations). This is probably the least significant weakness, but you should not expect a vampire character to be strong in skills that rely on Brains.

Unable to eat food

You derive no sustenance from ordinary food (though you can eat it) and have to feed on blood to survive. See above for the mechanics of feeding. Because hold causes rather severe stress, even when successful, stress is often a problem for the vampire in the field. Fotunately, feeding will reduce your current stress by 75 points. Other ways to reduce your stress levels include being able to have frequent sex, or raising your cool via jewelry. The sewers under Freedom City and Slagtown are filled with relatively weak monsters that are excellent for feeding, but ideally you will feed from someone in your corporation who has hyperimmune.

Weakness to stakes (and harpoons!)

Due to the massive damage multiplier given to stakes against you and chance of instant death, there is very little you can do to mitigate this weakness. Getting a high dodge, and trying to avoid getting hit at all is your best bet. The stakes do a marginal amount more damage than usual on regular hits, and have a high chance of extreme or outright lethal damage on chest hits, no matter what soaks you have. The stake damage can be highly variable. Glancing hits to extremities can hurt as bad as a normal headshot, and chest shots can graze for next to nothing.

The weakness to wooden stakes also extends to harpoon guns.

Y'ain't wearin' that Deathsuit, Skippy

The Deathsuit is one of the best armors in the game, available only as a one time quest reward or from other players who don't want theirs (or who you kill for them). It has low thickness, exceptionally high soaks (particularly against electric damage, hard to soak otherwise) and a low dodge penalty. However, it infects the wearer with an eventually fatal disease when worn, hence only Hyperimmune players (i.e. not you, Mr. Vampire) can viably use it. It is, apparently, possible to survive the Deathsuit with exceptionally high base endurance, but I couldn't pull it off at 21 total. Anyway, if you're dead set on wearing a deathsuit for a couple days before you get griefed out of it, Vampire's not for you.

Vampire hunters

They mostly hunt in Gangland, FC, and Slagtown. Tyrone Belmont hunts all through Corpclave, as well. They use wooden stakes (see weakness to stakes) and are programmed to instantly attack you. If you do not have over 41-ish to hit on your weapon forget about fighting them, as they will parry/dodge your attacks and kill you. If you use guns, their attacks have a very high accuracy and they will frequently kill you instantly with a chest blow. Buy levels of dodge from Ghost Dog, or a player so you can run away reliably, or if you're feeling lucky, dodge their attacks. Look-ing ahead and using the sewers as much as possible (see below) is a good idea when traveling above ground in the city during dark hours. You should in general try to avoid them rather than defeat them - a high dodge is essential for escaping from scrapes with the tougher hunters, unless you're able to run right past before the fight has begun.

Weakness to the sun

The sun is your biggest enemy in game. Its active hours vary somewhat, generally rising between 6-8am and setting at 8-10pm, depending on time of year. To check whether the sun is gonna bake yo' ass before going outside, use the time command and check what it says. Vampires are, surprisingly enough, only safe From Dusk 'Til Dawn, so if it says morning or evening, keep your shit indoors. The sun's damage is hugely variable, though it tends to hit hardest towards noon. While sun damage does set you on fire it does not in fact inflict burn damage; instead it simply detracts from your HP so any vampire will slowly die in the sun regardless of gear or mutations. A single hit from the sun can cause anywhere up to the low 20s in damage, not including the subsequent 'on fire' status. Often this can occur twice, leading to over 30 in unsoakable sun damage, which makes getting more HP a high priority.

It is still quite possible to move about FC and go to your favorite hunting grounds during the day, however. Some strategies for doing this include:

  • Trauma kits heal using the same timer that sun damage uses, thus negating some (if not all), of your sun based damage when used. By keeping trauma kits you can strategically avoid the sunlight and even never take damage while out in the day if you move quickly and find cover from place to place.
  • The sewers offer easy cover from the sun while in FC and give you access to the areas around it by finding the manholes which lead to them. You can get to slagtown, gangland, and the crater rim just from the sewers, and a manhole is accessible in Corpclave that allows one way travel to the FC sewers. However the FC area sewers are infested with several types of alligators which will murder you. Strongest are Crocodiles, then Alligators, then Caimen. Each is strong enough to kill any newbie, even a newbie vampire. Also note the red tile in the upper left FC sewer area, this is the bug queen's lair and she is a boss-like enemy, but isn't particularly tough if you aren't a newbie.
  • VERY IMPORTANT! - Endocrine booster modules (sold in Corpclave, Botany Bay, and Maas Neotek) sell for $4500 - $5000 and may increase your HP max when used. They are one of the few ways a vampire can truly become harder to kill (besides gear and skills like dodge, which are essential) and will keep you alive longer in the sunlight by giving you more HP. 55 HP (or 60 with fibrocartilage) is much, much better than 30 - especially considering you can often be hit for 30 damage moving for less than second outside!
  • Firewalker. Seriously. It may be a pain to get, but will save you a lot of post-sun damage pain and suffering. It does not soak the sun damage itself, but the resulting fire tick will not damage you, essential for surviving long runs outside.
  • The Phaser and to a lesser extent Blink mutations are a good choice for Vampires who want to travel during the day. Simply set your memorized 'phase' location to the spot you wish to travel to during the day (for example, right outside the Mine or outside your apartment) and step in as soon as you've phased. The disadvantages of this are a moderate focus requirement (somewhere in the mid-teens for reliable phasing), mutual exclusivity with Clairvoyance and Leapfrog, and the fact that you can only phase to your one memorized tile on the map.

In practice, the sun damage is rarely instantly lethal to a fully healed vampire, even in the middle of the afternoon, and it is often possible to make quick outside runs without taking damage at all. The sun deals out sun damage, which is highly variable -- and good luck finding sunscreen! It secondarily causes fire damage, which can be soaked with appropriate clothing (or Firewalker as mentioned above) but you are still vulnerable to the primary sun damage, which is entirely unsoakable!

Susceptibility to mental illness

Vampires who become hungry (once the hunger bar turns red instead of yellow, approx. 50-60 points) are prone to accruing mental illnesses. For this reason it pays to be well fed at all times, even if that means breaking off from what you're doing in order to feed. It's also advisable to have a friend with high medic skill (20+ is alright, 25+ is perfect) in case you do forget to keep track of your hunger and wind up with the crazies.

Getting around via the sewers

The sewers cannot take you everywhere, and some parts are not yet fully developed, but they are essential to evading both the sun during the day and vampire hunters during the night. There are several main entrances and exits from the sewers that are useful:

  • North-West of Liddy Arms in Corpclave.
  • South of the Orphanage.
  • North East of Vice City
  • South-West of Sharpton Projects.
  • South-East of Bradbury.
  • North-East of the Rough Trade.
  • North-West of Nukem Academy
  • At the bridge to the eastern outside areas.
  • To the south, in the Crater Rim. (Note that there are two exits into the Crater Rim, one at the Juicer Camp and another via zipline that comes out at the Crater Rim Helipad. The latter is one-way.)
  • To the Wasteland, in the South-East section of the Sewers.

Go through the sewers and make sure you understand how to get to each of these, and how to find them from outside. There are a few more entrances, but the ones listed above are the most useful.

Adamant Canyon

Adamant Canyon Depths is where the vampire mutation is located - it is advisable to be reasonable at climb (15+ total) to get to the mutation, and that's assuming you plan to either die or be rescued by a friend once you have it. You will have to pass through the very cold Weezer Dam area to reach the Canyon, and at night the Canyon itself is pretty chilly. This means it's wise to bring either warm clothing from Austen's Furriers or one of the parkas Gangland denizens often wear. You will need to dodge or otherwise deal with potentially hostile rock leeches and ghosts on your way to the mutation.

Full progression of the vampirism disease is required to get the mutation - this means -2 to Brains and +2 to Senses, Endurance, Brawn and Cool. Expect to wait about half an in-game day for this to happen, or be attacked and infected with enough doses to get you to the full progression instantly.