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So, you wanna make things go boom, do you? Read on, then.

HellMOO has a variety of explosive devices of various kinds, which are used pretty much for what you'd expect. Grenades, landmines, cherry bombs, and even tactical nuclear weapons are all available for you get your grubby little mitts on.

What are explosives?

Explosives are single-use items which usally deal explode damage, which is unsoakable. Most also deal a small amount of other damage on top of this.

Why should I use explosives?

To kill things, of course. Since nothing can tank explosive damage, it is an ideal way to destroy many NPCs or players who block your path. Furthermore, anyone killed by an explosion will have their implants blown up along with their body, which makes them an excellent way for inexperienced players to fight back against more powerful ones.

How do I use them?

For 99% of explosives, the way to use them is to type "pull explosivename" to arm it, then "throw" it in a direction. It then sails off into the distance, and hopefully explodes a few seconds later, dealing out massive damage to whomever is sitting there. There are two exceptions to this rule: landmines are automatically placed on the ground when armed, and clusternuke pellets go off immediately.

What's the catch?

Using explosives effectively requires you to have some skill in Bombs. If you don't have any Bombs skill, the chances of an amusing (to others, anyways) mishap is greatly increased.

How do I protect myself or others from explosions?

Having some Dodge skill will give you a chance to shield yourself partially from an explosion. Note that certain explosives deal enough damage that you can't survive them no matter what.

If a grenade flies into a room you're in, you can also throw yourself on top of it, sacrificing your life to save others in the room.

Bombs in Freedom City

Using such weapons in Freedom City will get you stars, except for EMP grenades.

Throwing grenades and so forth into Any Port is considered annoying by most of the player populace, and is a good way to make yourself unpopular very quickly. Don't do it!


Certain bombs, such as clusternuke pellets, and others, are classified as 'weapons of mass destruction' (you can see which by appraising them). These deal much more damage than your standard grenade or what have you, but tend to be expensive or difficult to aquire.

Note that WMDs will not function in some areas, such as the orphanage or Any Port.

Suicide belts and vests

Many of you have probably seen chomologists using these, and possibly even been blown up by them!

Suicide belts (and vests) are a type of wearable bomb. Pull the string, and it, along with you, go boom, hopefully killing whoever else is there. You can wear multiple suicide belts and even pull more than one at once, to deal out more damage. Suicide vests, however, must be crafted.

Suicide belts/vests are, as with grenades, an excellent way for low XP players to hurt high XP ones.

Where can I get explosives?

Certain stores in the game will sell them. You can also make your own, and of course, you can pull suicide belts off of dead chomologists.

Non-explosive grenades

Certain grenades do not, in fact, explode, but are gas grenades. These disperse a gas into the room in which they are thrown, which will inflict various debiliating and/or amusing status effects on the victims within. Despite not exploding in a traditional sense, these still require Bombs skill to use properly.

Alright, so how do I get Bombs skill?

The best way is honestly probably to learn from the Bombs teacher in New Clearwater. You can grind bombs by playing with homemade firecrackers, but this is a dicey proposition at best, as explosions have a chance of flinging you into a nearby room, causing you to take further damage upon impact.