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The Underground Mine is a deep, winding, mineral-rich cavern located leading into the Mountain Pass. Key reasons to visit include a mutation spot, some mining, and the wonderful forge!

The underground mine comes in two parts; the upper level is dimly lit, while the lower level (called the "underground river") is dark. The zone has four access points:


  • Bandits are aggressive and dangerous to lower-level players. They wield blades and can powerattack.
  • Cave slugs do beat damage, are relatively tanky compared to the area's other mobs, and have an annoying habit of eating all gems and minerals on their tile. Make sure you kill these before any intensive mining.
  • Chumans are this area's crackheads; weak, disposable mobs that don't do much, though they do drop pickaxes.
  • Chuman guards are stronger; they guard a small area on the lower level, are aggressive, and wield clubs. They occasionally drop rare crime sticks!
  • Spiders hang out near their lair in the lower level. They're stronger than the area's other mobs, and inflict poison with every hit. They're also assholes because they eat all your minerals like slugs do, while sitting on the best mining spot in the entire zone.
  • Minnesota Phelps wanders around here, teaching whips from 7 to 10 and blathering on about some nonsense.
  • Regular bats can be found on the upper level of the mine. They're very dodgy but not too dangerous. Vampire bats can be found near the forge; their bites are infectious and they hit much harder than normal bats.


  • The mine leads to a lot of other places. You can reach the Ocean Cliffs (Botany Bay), Mountain Pass (Lurleen; zones west of FC) and Aphotic Grotto (Freedom City) from here, which connects three major zones. Between this and other attractions, the mines can be a pretty high-traffic area.
  • There are two "ore carts" on the upper level of the mine, which spawn a few random ores every so often. Mostly junk, but you might get lucky.
  • There is something forgotten on the upper level of the mine. Maybe it can tell you something about the area...
  • The blacksmith's forge is here on the lower level, at the south end of the river where the vampire bats are. This is necessary for many crafting recipes that can't be made on conventional workbenches.
  • Most of the zone can be mined with a pickaxe, but almost all of it is a waste of time except for the area where the spiders lair. There, in and amongst some other minerals, you can find gold, rubies, sapphires and diamonds! Any excess gems you uncover can be sold to Hank in the adjacent Ocean Cliffs, which fulfils the Miner job.
  • An uninhabited HQ called the Subterranean Hideout is here, in the Spider Lair area. Like all abandoned HQs, it's deserted and uneventful, but it does boast a generator, which means you can recharge defibrillators and watch TV while on your mining break.
  • The mutation spot for Ripper is here, on the same tile as the forge -- at the southernmost point of the river on the lower level. That same tile can be use to gain vampirism as a precursor to Vampire, if you don't want to take your chances in Freedom City.