Toxic Dump

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Don'tcha know that you're toxiiiiic?

The Toxic Dump is a heavily-polluted area southwest of Gangland, most often visited for its chemical-heavy scavenge table and its mutation tile, which bestows Junkrat.


  • Freaks hang out here, not to be confused with the hideous freaks of the same name. Freaks wield spears, which can parry well. They are tougher than most mobs in Gangland and have a special attack which deals acid damage; they are dangerous to characters who haven't reached good combat skill and can't get past their parries. Their aggro is very inconsistent, but past an XP threshold they will cower as normal.
    • Freaks have a 100% droprate for a few spears, including some trash as well as pitchforks and garden weasels! They also drop a unique kill journal of 336 XP, and are worth $260 each on the Eugenic Cleansing 2 contract.
  • The Reparations Adjustment Engineer is here, in an office to the east of the entrance. She has a little to say but doesn't do anything.


  • Toxic exposure is a risk throughout most of the Dump. This will apply a debuff and periodic damage every heartbeat until it wears off, and can be contracted simply by moving from tile to tile. A gas mask and high endurance help ward it off, but a chemical suit from the Chemical Plant is 100% protection (HEV suits work too).
  • Many useful chemicals can be found by searching here. Highlights include PCB, monomer and cytidine. Spent fuel rods can also be picked up here, which will irradiate unwary scavengers; putting them in a bag renders them harmless.
  • The bleach pipe is here, to the far south of the zone. It is mostly used by freaks with implants, and used to be such a staple that 90% toxic resistance was added to the mutation to help with farming it. Since then, the pipe has been nerfed and only gives a little bleach, so people usually buy it from bartenders instead.
  • A curious structure is to the far south of the zone. It seems to be unfinished, forgotten content; its lmap is incomplete, and there is nothing notable inside, but it has some spooky tile descriptions. It's also dark, with an easy climb at the entrance.
  • The Junkrat mutation spot is here, south of the reparations office, east off of the main road of the dump.