Tire armor

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How It Is Made

Tire armor is an improvised pattern, meaning you don't need a schematic to make it. You will need:
Someone with around 18 brawn. This is a brawn roll to make.
5 tires (scav them west of Chemical Plant or western Crater Rim)
2 copper wires (scav from crack mansion)
2 brass wire (break suicide belt for these. You'll need 16+ Scavenge or an electromech workbench and suicide belt schematic. Threadless and PYN in Freedom City sell them. Also scavenged in the Gangland "maintainence cupboard" tile and Sub-Sewers "Pustule" tiles.)
2 human skins
1 t-shirt (stripped from crackheads or bought at Threadless)
1 cargo pants (stripped from some crackheads or bought at Threadless)
improvise armor with tire. Unlike leathers, this covers your entire face and body and will probably will be your best set of armor for a while.

The 18 Brawn requirement is debateable, my 8 Brawn whipper can make tire armors. Maybe it's Scavenge or Brawn/Scavenge?