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Time in HellMOO moves differently to time in the real world. Each hour in HellMOO is 7 and a half minutes real time, and each day is about 3 hours. Each measure of time in-game is roughly equal to an eighth of its real world equivalent. This means that each in-game week is 21 real life hours long.

Effects of Time

Time used to play a central role in IP gains and other HellMOO mechanics, but this is no longer the case. Time is still very important to some areas of the game, however:

  • Shop hours. Not all shops are open 24/7, and some will close at some point in the night so that the shopkeeper can sleep.
  • Age. Your character will age as time passes. Other things, such as dying, will also increase age, but the passage of time is the most inevitable cause. Getting old sucks; past 60 or so you'll get heart attacks and other nasty things. Fortunately, age can be reset by rerolling.
    • Player characters will also age at double the rate of time's actual passage in HellMOO, which helps to stop dinosaurs with mountains of bolo shells from ruling the MOO forever.
  • Ability cooldowns. You can check the cooldowns on your current abilities with cooldown. These use real life time rather than in-game time.
  • World cooldowns. Some objects in the world can only be used every so often. The Matter Compiler, for instance, requires that some time pass between each usage.