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HellMOO is a post-apocalyptic role-playing moo. It is set at an unknown time after an atomic conflict brought down the great civilizations of the 21st century. Enough time has passed that some towns and vestiges of society have returned... but not nearly enough to curb the inherent violence and conflict of a life lived without comfort or salvation. Corporations both ancient and new sit astride the few surviving cities like obscene, glittering spiders, wielding their power over their desert domains without question and without mercy. The fake smile, the furtive stare are the weapons of the city-dweller, forever dependent on their corporate masters for protection against the raiders and radioactive sands. Yet a few wander the wastes, living off the bones of the old world and whatever justice they can find at the end of their gun. Only time will tell which is the stronger.

HellMOO is a place of extremes. The first person you meet may be a caring street preacher, a rad-crazed knife fighter, or a mutant disguised as a man. It is up to you to decide which skills and allies will see you safe to the promised land, wherever and whatever that may be.

But all choices must be carefully made, as HellMOO does not forgive mistakes.