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Blood platelets evolve to clot far faster, increasing endurance and preventing bleeding from wounds.


Located in the northernmost room of the Abandoned Subway Station in the Subway Tunnels deep below Slagtown. There are no hostile mobs en route (except maybe the odd chobo).


This mutation makes you 100% immune to the damage-over-time bleed effect. You will never be hit by the DoT, end of story. There are no special messages, it "just works". You won't be immune to direct bleed damage from weapons such as the Sonic Scalpel, however.

Superclot also reduces the chance that you're successfully fed from by a Vampire. There is a chance for each feed to fail on you. If it succeeds, the vampire will be nourished as usual and you'll take damage, but receive no bleed effect. If it fails, the vampire will get a special message, and no damage/nourishment will occur.


  • Not bleeding is convenient. Don't need to worry about patching yourself up after scrapes. Doubly convenient for vamps and freaks.
  • If you don't have Bleeder, this will stop you from passing out from blood loss.
  • Good for carebears, since they have little use for Bleeder aside from fishing for brags and soloing bosses.
  • Will occasionally save you from dying to your own poor health management in PvE.


  • Incompatible with Bleeder, which for many players is a big deal. Frenzying on command is really strong. In theory, you can frenzy with berserker hypos and human hearts, but in practise nothing matches Bleeder's easy consistency except for freak's scare.
  • PvP fights usually end too quickly for damage over time to matter much.
  • If you get hit with a big bleed in PvE from a basilisk or something, you're already stunned, and will die to the follow up hit anyway. Superclot won't save you.
  • Takes up a mutation slot while offering no skill or stat bonuses and very little practical improvement to your build.