Stormfront Island

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Open the door, get on the floor,
Everybody walk the dinosaur.

Stormfront Island is a large island most often visited for its lucrative population of dinosaurs. SF is firmly entrenched in the midgame, with difficulty and rewards to match. Newer characters would do well to avoid this place (not that it is easy to reach accidentally). The entirety of Stormfront is a red zone.


Stormfront Island is north-by-northwest of Freedom City. It is only accessible by air travel or with a boat; the entire zone is blink-blocked. However, it is possible to blink to the Jungle Hideout zone, which is a custom home at the southern end of the island. Pilots should also always land in this zone (the "Overgrown Helipad") to avoid having their planes stolen; the Jungle Hideout zone is yellow.

Word of warning regarding the Jungle Hideout zone, it is part of a custom house and thus subject to having traps placed throughout the tiles you can access even if they seem like a public location. So use the Jungle Hideout tiles at your own risk.

Because SF demands light gear for dodging dinosaurs, it can be a very gank-friendly zone. Incoming pilots and flight mutants can usually be spotted by keeping an eye on the sky, but blinkers have unchecked, aggressive and silent mobility thanks to the Jungle Hideout zone, which has 4 blink-friendly tiles. Planting a stickycam at the exit to this zone may be wise.

Strong swimmers always have an escape on Stormfront. To the north, the channel connecting the Skullcano and the main island can be used to flee to the ocean; to the south, the southern beach can be used in the same way.


  • Racists wander around here, yelling threatening things and being a nuisance. In Gangland, they're ferocious newbie killers, but they pose no danger to anyone who has business walking around Stormfront. They will interfere if you attack dinosaurs on their tile. They also teach Fists from levels 4 to 10.
  • Big Papa occasionally spawns here. He is the miniboss of the racists, and is a small step above the rest of them. He also teaches clubs, but his teaching levels aren't currently recorded.
  • The Racist Boss is here, hidden (perhaps ironically) in a place of learning. There is a 300 XP achievement available for killing him, which also rewards an assegai. He also keeps the secret schematics for a special, dino-hide based armor nearby...
  • Dinosaurs wander here! They come in three varieties. All of them are weak to cold and irradiation damage, and drop a dino hide, which is worth a princely $1980 when sold to J'Lar in Crater Rim. Medium and large dinos have large soaks but relatively small health pools; exploiting their weaknesses is the key to farming them effectively.
    • Small dinosaurs are quite wimpy, and only drop 15 XP at the very most, and are worth $260 on the dinosaur hunter contract. Five spawn at a time in the western portion of the island, marked "Abandoned Resort".
    • Medium dinosaurs drop 100 XP each, begin scaling off at about 131,000 total XP, and are worth $530 each on the dino hunter contract. They require about 24-26 dodge (after weapon weight penalties) to dodge consistently, and are PC1. If they do hit, they do a great deal of stab/slash damage; they are better avoided than soaked. Six of them spawn at a time, and they all spawn on the "Temple" tile, up from Cave Entrance in the island's middle area.
    • Large dinosaurs drop 150 XP each, scale off later in the game, and are worth $1060 on the dino hunter contract. They cycle between two attacks: a PC1 bite attack and a PC3 tail whip attack. Both have a wide damage range and are capable of one-shotting any character, and the tail has the additional danger of knocking its target from the current tile to one or more tiles in another direction, resulting in even more damage on landing. They are very accurate but very slow; any character can evade their tile before their attacks hit. Three spawn at a time, and they always spawn on the "Thick Forest" tile to the south, marked by a camphor tree.


  • The Medium mutation spot is here, to the far northeast of the island. If you land your plane on spot two, it's just one tile north of there.
  • The Skullcano! is here, to the north of the island. It is no longer an admin hangout, and anyone bad enough to beat its guardians can freely wander around inside.
  • Two water fountains are here, one in the Abandoned Resort area, and one in the middle of the island. Both spawn drinkable water.
  • The infamous 800m climb is here. You can, in fact, get knocked down its length by a dino's tail whip. It comes with a catapult at the bottom for you to launch yourself back up to the top, if you managed to not die on the way down.
  • Dr. Kigabe is here, at the bottom of the climb. He has some dialog, and teaches medic from 0-15, repair from 0-10, and science from 3-7. He will not teach to characters that do not have the Mad Scientist achievement, however.
  • A particle accelerator is here also at the bottom of the climb. It's used for advanced crafting.
  • The demutation chamber is here, near Dr. Kigabe. Using it will remove all of your mutations, and cost you $50,000, age you by 10 years, set your maximum health to 25, and cost you 1 raw from one of your top three skills. It will also absolutely not affect your general health in any way as it shreds your mangled genetic code. Given its rather high cost and the fact that you'll still be stuck with essentially the same build, stats and skills, the demutation chamber is a niche option, and Rerolling is much more common.

Botanical Features

Stormfront has such a massive array of flora that it gets its own subsection:

  • Blue mushrooms spawn in several places, and produce mushroom sludges, which are used in the production of Rejuvex.
  • Some ephedra bushes are here, and produce ephedra leaves. These are supposed to be used to make speed, but speed is easy to farm fully-made, so it's rarely done.
  • Benzoin trees grow here. They spawn benzoin barks, the purpose of which is obscure.
  • Bitterwood bushes, tupelo trees, fever trees and camphor trees grow here, harvested for bitterwood shoots, tupelo pods, quina barks and camphor leaves respectively. All of these are used in advanced and esoteric chemistry; if you aren't sure whether you need them, then you probably don't.
  • Rubber trees grow here, harvested for rubber leaves. These are supposed to be used to make tires, but tires are easy to acquire fully-formed, so nobody bothers.
  • A single sugarbeet patch grows here, producing sugarbeets which are used for food cooking.