Status (Command)

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The status, or st, command shows:

  • Health bar - The amount of health you have left. The more filled in it is, the healthier you are.
  • Status messages - various statuses you can have in the game, including being drunk, high, fatigued, tired, horny, the various illnesses you can contract, and if you're currently being healed.
  • Items equipped - what you are actually holding and wearing that moment, and what people will see when they look at you. If you are wearing multiple layers of clothing, only that which is visible will be displayed.
  • Encumbrance - how much stuff you're carrying versus your carrying capacity. This will vary as you pick up and drop items, as well as any statuses that affect your Brawn stat.
  • Miscellaneous - various other things that can happen in the game, such as if you are currently following someone, your fighting style, or if you are hunting something.