Society for the Conservation of Interesting Species

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The Society for the Conervation of Interesting Species is a store in the northeast corner of Maas Neotek, at Chrysler Avenue - Hotel. Isak Dinesen staffs the shop, and packs a .44 magnum.

There are three contracts for sale here. Rim hunter is rarely used outside of ENEMA, Desert Hunter is for people who want to hunt sandworms, and Maas Police is for bootleggers and chutneys. Since the latter two can be bought at Botany Bay (which is much higher traffic), hardly anyone shops here.

You can also buy pith helmets here. They are quite useless beyond cosmetic value.

In the back of the store there is some nice furniture and an unopenable trophy case, which contains an unobtainable trophy.

Goods Listing:

a pith helmet                           $       55
a Rim Hunter contract                   $      330
a Desert Hunter contract                $      550
a Maas Police Contract                  $      880