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motha fuckin skydock


Skydock is located over the Ashen Valley, 3250 meters above ground level, requiring a plane or a dedicated Flight mutant to reach. The Skydock is also guarded by a flak cannon that will try to blow you up.

There are a few ways of getting around the cannon. The first is to run the Das Kochenhammer, acquire the FoF code for the skydock using a spoilery method, tell that code to someone waiting in a plane so that they can safely dock with the skydock, and then have them check the code on the dock to get the rest of the code up. This is the standard method if you don't have access to a flying mutant. You can also use a tanky plane that you don't mind fixing later, but they're a pain to fix.

If you do have a flying friend, they can reach the skydock no problem from the skies, assuming they get their altitude right. Having Silicone Skin makes this less dangerous because it soaks much of the explosive flak damage. Once they're on-board, all they have to do is look at the FoF indicator and tell all their plane-bound buddies what it is, and everyone's ready to go.


As if being a giant floating thingy the size of FC guarded by bigass guns wasn't enough, the Skydock is loaded with sky raiders and commissars.

Sky Raiders - Much more threatening than their spear-wielding brothers, Raiders wield 12mm FlugHammer pistols loaded with Chudstoppers. These do good amounts of shot damage and a bit of unsoakable bleed damage. Assuming you're all dressed up in good soaks, the shot damage won't sting you too much, but the bleed damage really adds up, especially when it's coming from four (or more!) raiders at once. These guys also give 120 XP each, although that starts to scale off around 200k and you'll be running the Skydock in a group anyway, so the XP gain is heavily diminished. Nobody runs this place for XP anyway.

Sky Commissars - Fuck okay sky commissars are armed with sturmgewehr rifles, which are reskinned bullpups with all mods. They're very tanky, hit with strong bullet damage, can feint and/or grab (despite operating two-handed rifles!), and are often accompanied by friends to make the fight even harder. Each gives a unique reward for downing them, along with a rather small one-time XP reward. Two give sturmgewehrs, which look great but are hopelessly terrible. The other two give the very buff, awesome and super cool sky commissar dusters, which are rare and extremely high-value.

Sky Marshal - The big bad. You don't wanna mess with him. You really don't. This guy is a commissar on steroids, and dual-wields crime-sticks, which couldn't care less about your fancy Caballero armor. He's also accompanied by two rifle-wielding Commissars at all times, however, so you've got to worry about soaking shot as well. Gives a one-time reward of a deathsuit if you manage to drop him, as well as the warm fuzzy knowledge that you're either a beast or got hard-carried by your beastly friends.


Being as fucking balls to the walls terrifying as it is, the Skydock does have some neat things on it. However, outside of the one-time rewards, they aren't generally considered good enough for the amount of risk that the Skydock involves (unlike the Das). Most people just run it until they get all the unique rewards and never return. Each time one of the bosses is killed, it will give the unique journal/reward to one person in the party that didn't previously have it. This means that if you're running a party with multiple people who haven't gotten the journal, it will take multiple completions until everyone gets the rewards.

All of the raiders and commissars drop lots and lots of nanite healers and trauma kits, which aren't hard to acquire normally but it's nice to have a lot of them, especially since you'll probably go through quite a bit of your health bar while running Skydock. They also occasionally drop other useful items, like gold ruby rings. Sky raiders also tend to drop things they've picked up from the remains of players that have previously wiped in the Skydock -- exciting things like porn and towels.

In theory, they also have a chance to drop sky raider dusters and FlugHammers. In practise, this chance is so ridiculously tiny that nobody in their right mind tries to grind for them.

Thanks to a relatively recent Kapho change, sky raiders also give a little FC rep upon being killed, and commissars give an even bigger chunk. This is great for slowing your inevitable downward spiral into a SWAT-forced reroll if you're a dirty griefer.



A group of 6 highly powerful min-maxed players decked out in top-tier armor and weaponry can still have many difficulties with the Skydock, especially if they get a run of bad luck. Here's a list of colorful comparisons to describe how difficult skydock is!

  • Skydock is as hard as the devil's dick raping you in the eyes in the deepest most sulfur-coated pit in hell.
  • Skydock is harder than a baguette some snooty french guy dropped in a forest and its been sitting there for like three years.
  • Skydock is harder than trying to play catch with an active WMD.
  • Skydock is so hard your mother's vibrator is made out of it.