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A palpable wave of screeching static rolls out of MC Ride, rattling your eardrums!

Screech is a Focus mutation that can infict shock on your enemies.


Screech is located in the chemical plant west of Slagtown. It is rather easy to access, with no aggressive enemies blocking your path.


This mutation grants:

    +2 to Focus
    The command screech


Grants +2 to Focus, which is a significant advantage to add to your other Focus mutations. screech's shock effect is also extremely useful for debuffing an opponent's dodge, accuracy, and brains in battle, as well as making it harder for them to run from combat.


None, unless you have really crappy endurance and senses or simply choose to never use the granted ability. Then it's just a waste of a mutation slot.

Successfully screeching somebody in a yellow or green zone currently challenges their corporation for six hours.


When used, the user gains a moderate amount of stress and lets out a high-pitched sound wave that affects players you are currently fighting with and any NPCs in the room. Depending on your Focus (and a check against the opponent's Focus), it can send the target in shock. It also severely debuffs their brains, accuracy, and dodge, making it very useful to use against gun users and targets that try to run away. How long their stats remain debuffed depends on your Focus. Screech will also affect anybody in the room who is engaged in combat whether or not it is the screecher they are killing.

Screech's effect can be reduced or even resisted completely if the opponent succeeds a focus and/or endurance roll. Wearing three pairs of earplugs can help resist shock, but such protection is never 100%, and this also severely debuffs your senses. Multiple doses of heroin have proven to be a much more effective defense.

There are 5 levels of intensity for shock. Each level (or dose) is -3 brains, -2 dodge, -0.5 melee weapon skill, and -1 gun weapon skill. As such, screeching is obviously more effective when used against gunners and certain gimmicky brain builds.

Common misconceptions: Screeching doesn't stun an opponent. The only effects are varying intensities of shock.


No changes are made. Lucky you.

Messages broadcasted upon use of screech:

You empty your mind and let the mutation take over...
A palpable wave of screeching static rolls out of <x>, rattling your eardrums!