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Scavenging is like dumpster diving, only better. It relies on Senses and Endurance. Scavenging takes many forms:

Cutting bodyparts and implants

The first is hacking up the corpses you might come across in your travels. With a blade type weapon you can cut <part/implant> from <corpse> to obtain bodyparts and implants, though using a butcher's knife, cutting knife or sonic scalpel is recommended.

The butcher command moves all the corpse's body parts into your inventory.

Finding hidden items and hidden exits

The second use for scavenging is looking for items or secret passages in your surroundings. The higher your scavenge skill, the better you will be at finding hidden paths and objects. To do a search of your surroundings, simply type


You can scavenge (or search) just about anywhere. If and what you find depends on where you are. In the streets of FC, for instance, you can find things like pogs, ashtrays, and religious tracts (among other things). The streets of gangland will yield cinder blocks, syringes, piles of scrap wood, crowbars, and even severed heads.

You can also automatically discard items you find while searching. Type scavhate <item> for an item in your inventory to add it to your ignore list. Type unscavhate <item> to remove it. Scavhate by itself will show you the ignore list.

The Junkrat mutation will help determine what you can find by using the 'sniff' command.

Vor starts sniffing around the room, poking her nose in every nook and cranny.
You think you could find tracts here.

Popular scavenge spots for newbies are the Crack Mansion (empty syringes, crank rocks) and Sharpton Projects (gun parts and electronics).

Good scavenge lists are Maimai's blackbook and here.

High scavenge bonus

At around >24 total Scavenge, you have a chance to find two items at once when scavenging. It looks like this:

You find a gold nugget hidden away in a corner.
Oh hey, you found a chunk of rutile too.

The second item isn't removed from the scav table - meaning that you can find it multiple times until the area is scavenged empty.

Breaking items down

The third use for scavenging is to break down items into their core components.

Success and the number of items obtained depends on three factors:

  • How high is your Scavenge skill?
  • Is there a fitting workbench in your tile? I.e. a gunsmith's workbench for breaking rifles.
  • Do you have the item's schematic inside your inventory/the workbench/a recipe book?

Simply type:

break suicide belt


The fourth use for scavenge is in the mines located in many parts of the world - the Mountain Pass one being the first that most players will run into.

You'll need a pickaxe as well as a light source. Some armor with decent beat protection (like tire armor), a few insta-casts and a bottle of Jooky might also be a good idea.

Before mining in new areas, make it a habit to appraise here - that way you'll see if the ceiling is about to collapse. Some tiles have support beams you can repair too.

Mining is both influenced by your Scavenge skill and fightstyle. Berserker and aggressive mine at 100%, normal at 75% and cautious/pacifist at 50% speed.


Players are able to stash items with the stash <item> command - with success based on your Scavenge skill. This hides items until someone recovers them by searching in that tile.

The only way to know that an item is stashed is by using Junkrat sniff or having high enough Scavenge for the "Hmm. You have a hunch there's something hidden here." message to pop up.

Keep in mind that recovering stashed items is much harder than stashing them. It is easily possible to stash items and be unable to recover them without buffing up.


  • Functional metal detector: +1. No longer obtainable.
  • Belt bag: +2. Max out the miner Job.
  • Excavation utility helmet: +2. Reward for a journal that involves a bit of boating.
  • Soda: +1. Drink 3 cans of soda.
  • Peyote: +1. This is from ≥4mg or two bites.
  • Horny: +1.

Crack, Cocaine and Psilocybin work too, but are too risky for the average new player. While Frenzy gives +4 Senses, your Scavenge total will actually drop.