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Newly added on March 13th, 2010. This action depends upon the user's persuade skill, which is in turn depending upon the user's brains and cool.

To scam, type scam <target>

One of the jobs, 'scam artist' involves scamming.

Help on Scam:

Looking to make some money without getting your hands dirty with nasty stabbing and shooting and sucking? Find yourself some citizens and scam them out of their welfare checks!

Just find a citizen, make sure he's got some money (ask him about his needs), and then scam <person>. You'll make them an offer they might not refuse; the better your persuade skill, the better the offer. If they bite, they'll cough up some dough -- easy money. Be sure to get moving quickly; if you're around when they wise up, they're likely to call the cops.

What factors affect how well you can scam a guy?

  • Every clone's crazy bout a sharp-dressed man. Wear expensive clothes, suits, jewels. Nobody trusts a guy in armor.
  • You might think holding a gun would help! It won't.
  • Take a shower, you filthy monster.
  • Consider having a persuasive friend along.
  • Having stars or a police rep will get around quickly; nobody's going to give money to a known criminal.
  • If there's no security camera around, people will be much more wary.

(There it is, straight from the man, what more can I say?)

Oh, by the way: Failing a scam in front of security cameras will get you stars. Also, NPCs that have been scammed before seems much less susceptible to scamming, if at all. Just thought you should know.