Remote Church

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Gettin' closer to God in a tight situation.

The Remote Church is a very small zone in Lurleen, chiefly visited as a quest location.


  • Prchr is here, a robot-priest with chainsaw hands. He fights off shoggoth spawns that wander onto his tile, and disallows all passage past his tile, unless the player has proven themselves worthy of fighting the spawns.
    • Prchr is more than a match for the spawns, but is occasionally overwhelmed. When this happens, the spawns make their way into Lurleen for the short period before he respawns.
    • Prchr has a lot to say for himself, and hates "sinful" items. Carrying drugs (including appartus, like bongs), porn, or alcohol onto his tile will cause him to attack you, even if it is hidden in a bag.
    • Prchr will award a journal for killing a shoggoth spawn on his tile. After this, he'll consider you to have proven yourself, and will allow you past his tile. This works even if you just attack the spawn and contribute zero damage.
    • Prchr is about as tough as a chainsaw bootlegger. If he is killed, his Robes of the Lamb count as a trophy. He can also feint and pow.
  • Shoggoth spawns sneak up here, usually intercepted by Prchr. They are rather tanky and do acid damage, but should pose no serious danger to players who have invested well in their weapon skill.
    • Shoggoth spawns have a kill journal worth 208 XP, on top of the 100 XP from Prchr for killing one. Speedy low-level characters can pick up an easy from Prchr for piggybacking on one of his shoggoth kills this way.


  • A scary zone is beyond Prchr, in the domain of spoilers. It's linked to a quest out west of Lurleen. This zone is also dark.
  • The Underground Jerkway is here, down a couple climbs on the first tile of the zone. The bottom tile is dark.