Reform Church of Satan

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The magic is black, backyard happy and fertile
For Kasso, the acid king of the black circle.

The Reform Church of Satan is a zone with three floors in north-west Freedom City, on San Pablo Ave 100. It is rarely visited except for its red chalk drop and a kill journal. It also acts as connector for the Our Dear Lady of Lust zone, which is also rarely visited.

Reform Church of Satan is a yellow zone. Instigating PvP in this zone will challenge the target, unless the target has previously challenged the challenger. The length of the challenge will vary depending on how it is instigated.


  • 88Anton is here. He can direct you on to Brother Zakk if you meet certain requirements.
  • Brother Zakk is in the Sunday School. He's supposed to assign a quest, but the quest is broken and unfinished, so he's largely pointless.
  • Cultists wander the ground floor and basement. They can feint and pow, and are worth $100 each on the Atheist Enforcer contract. They drop poor XP and no items of note, but are not to be confused with the cultists of a certain other zone; the two have separate kill journals.
  • The Left is here, a gaggle of hippies who will inform you of the evils of conservatism if correctly provoked (try examine).


  • An ebony cabinet is in the Vestry; a respawning source of three red chalks, which are used in the creation of high-end gun ammo as well as the completion of an achievement.
  • A chalkboard is in the basement.