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Born to be a roughneck, I'll never amount to nothin'...

A rickety oil rig rusting away in the Gulf of Stockton, a ways north of Burbclave and Freedom City, the refinery is mostly visited for its job and Scavenge teacher. The refinery is entirely a red zone, and is also an island; it can only be reached by flying, boating, or a great deal of swimming.


  • Several rig workers wander around here. They use rusty SMGs which deal moderate bullet damage and are liable to explode, and are inconsistently aggressive. This mob is notable for not being one of the few that do not respect musk.
  • Clunk is here, the head of the rig workers. He teaches Scavenge from levels 4 to 15.


  • A fuel pump is on the far west side of the rig's bottom level, at one of the landing pads. Boats can also be fueled from this pump in an emergency, but this requires a jerrycan to cart fuel across the refinery with.
  • The Oil Pumper Job takes place here. It's a relatively complicated job; see the linked page for details.
  • The scavenge table of the rig has most of the parts required for fixing the rooms in the course of the Oil Pumper job. There is also a toolbox which contains the rest.
  • A gun case is in the Security Office on the middle floor, which must be either hacked into from the north or picked/smashed into from the south. It respawns various low-tier rifles and elemental rifle ammo.