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Eating a banana and reloading? Well shit, you need to be cool and have reflexes for that!

For pulling stuff out in combat and instigating Mexican standoffs, quickdraw is automatically used. The skill is dependent on the reflexes and cool stats, and affects the speed at which things are retrieved in combat. It should increase naturally through daily play — in fact, it is considered a slight nuisance to some, as one may gain quickdraw IP instead of what they're grinding (for instance, rifles). It is, however, useful for wielding/holstering weapons during combat, reloading guns on the fly, and using nanite healers quickly.

Trainer: Heath 3-9. Johnny Fivaces 8-15

It is also used in pulling a parachute when skydiving.

How The Fuck Does This Shit Work? Aiming is a tohit vs dodge check and counteraiming is a tohit vs tohit check.