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 <User>'s limbs go rigid and his eyes roll back in his head. His body flickers and becomes briefly translucent, then all is normal again.
 [ (Psi ability to phase-teleport to a memorized location.) ]
 [ Your focus increased by 1! ]
 [ You've just received some new commands. ]
 [ memorize : Remember your location for phasing back to later. ]
 [ phase : Phase back to your memorized location. ]

Phaser is a mutation that uses a focus roll to teleport (phase) you to a previously memorized spot.

This mutation gives two new commands, and both are very simple. memorize marks the tile you are currently in, allowing you to phase to it later. After that, phase is used to subsequently teleport back to your memorized area.

Memorize and phase have a few snags. First, you may only have one place memorized at any time. Second, a given tile must be outdoors for you to memorize it (patios work). When you phase, the tile you've memorized cannot have any players or NPCs on it, or the phase will fail. You also cannot phase if the tile you're currently standing in his players in it (NPCs are okay). phase is also a focus roll can either fail or succeed. If failure occurs, the user will simply remain stationery and gain stress, and phase will immediately go on cooldown.

The good news is that memorize has no cooldown and requires no focus at all, so you can swap your memorized tile as often as you like. phase does have a cooldown, but it's rather modest for what it does, at 38 seconds. For consistent success, Phaser also only requires focus in the mid-teens, and past 17 or so failing the focus check is very unlikely.

Successful phasing also leaves psi shimmers at both the tile you leave from and the one you arrive at, which clairvoyants and people with the PsycoSight implant can see.

This mutation also gives you a permanent +1 advantage to your total focus. Phaser is incompatible with these mutations: clairvoyance, leapfrog, medium, and flight.


If you mutated Blink, attempting to phase can result in a random blink instead. This can be cancelled with the stop command.

  You concentrate on going somewhere else, but your mind can't decide where it wants to go...

Large amounts of psi shimmers from Clairvoyants (or using Phaser/Blink) can block a phase spot, just as if there was someone standing on it.

Messages seen by other players

  You're sure <person> wasn't here a moment ago, but somehow s/he's standing in front of you now.
  <Person>'s eyes roll back and his/her face contorts silently.