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Arachnos busting up your gear when you try and fight them? Need someone with you to revive you when you fail horribly to kill bootleggers for the first time? Just generally want to roll over some stuff like you're on a rape train and it doesn't have any brakes? Parties are for you, then! Hell, parties are for everyone.


  • P-invite : This command is used to invite players to your party, including yourself to start one.
  • P-join : This command is used to accept an invite sent to you.
  • P-quit : This command is used to quit the party you are currently in.
  • P-tank : This command makes you auto-attack anything that attacks a party member. It doesn't mean you're the designated tank. To shield a teammate, use the rescue command instead.
  • P-tank stop: This command makes you stop tanking.
  • P-list : This command shows you a health bar of all of the members of your party and who is in the leadership position. For example :
 Party member      Role     Health                 
 Airistifanese     *        [||||||||||||||||||||||||]
 Vaun                       [|||||||||||||||||||||||]
  • P : use P to talk in the party channel that is joined upon joining a party.

[ Note: these commands will also work without the dash (pinvite, pjoin, ptank, etc) ]

Auto Follow

Being in a party causes you to automatically follow the leader of the party. Like regular 'follow', the party follow has a chance of failing if the leader moves too quickly, so if you are using it be careful to not be left behind or to leave your party members behind. If you catch back up with the party leader you will still follow them, which can happen if you forget to leave or disband a party. This is on by default, and you should turn it off using "@prefs followleader is 0" upon joining a party - if you need to follow, just type follow <name> instead. Much simpler to stop in an emergency, all you have to do is type stop.

Party Tactics : Feint, Rescue, Mutations and the "Medigun"


One tactic the players have that not every NPC does is grabbing. If you lunge at/grab an npc, you can beat them to death with any one handed weapon, but an even more practical use is to just hold them and have your party beat the living shit out of them.

  • Note that this may not always be true for every situation.


drag <corpse> to <direction So useful that I'll note it here. It's hard to defib someone if you're getting killed yourself, and dragging a person away from the bad guy might just let you bring them back from the grave.


The 'tank' command, this command causes you to jump in front of someone, drawing the attack of an enemy to yourself so that your friend who has 10% health left doesn't die from the next attack. The usefulness of this should be fairly obvious.


Feint allows a person with high brains to trick a person with low brains into stumbling and losing their round of combat. It has a 30 second or so cooldown so you can't spam it repeatedly to cause an enemy to lose every round of combat. This fails to work on VERY stupid enemies, like dogs and karnivores, who are just too stupid to think beyond "HULK SMASH".


Certain mutations offer an excellent advantage in party combat, and offer a good reason for you to bring a focus person with you. Note that most of these will affect party, though there are ways around a few.

  • Screech: Allows you to stun all the enemies giving them a stat debuff and slow them down quite a bit. If you aim on using this, guar your parties ears with earplugs to lessen the backfire a little.
  • Writhing Smoke: Allowing everyone in your party to escape is always a plus, unless you manage to stun all of them with the smoke, but hey, at least you can drag their corpse away to defib them, right?
  • Carrie: You light people on fire. Fire is bad for bad guys that use blades and guns, especially as its hard to be on fire and cool.
  • Scare: Obviously, unless you're all freaks, don't use this in Necropolis. Well you could, you'd just have to deal with the zombies. The only problem with scare is that it scares everyone, making it hard for the NPCS/bad guys AND your party to fight. A good last resort, as fear can sometimes make people run away.

The "medigun"

The medigun allows a person with good medic skills to heal party members MUCH more quickly than they could heal them with trauma kits. Add in the ubercharge that makes you invincible, and you can see a valid reason to drag that weak little brains person out killing dinos.