Pangu Island

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Hang the code, and hang the rules. They're more like.... "guidelines", anyway.

Pangu Island is a small zone in the far northwest area of the Gulf of Stockton. It is rarely visited, and has little to offer besides some one-off journals and two largely neglected jobs. The entirety of Pangu Island is a red zone.


Pangu is in the ocean, and while it has a sky tile, that sky tile is not connected to the rest of the sky. The island is also blink-blocked, which means that the only way of getting here is via boat.


  • Smugglers wander the southern portion of the island. They're similar to Botany Bay pirates, but have their own separate kill journal. They're also very weak.
  • Monkeys wander around in the jungle in the center of the island. They're as weak as the ones in Slagtown.
  • A jungle cat wanders the jungle! It's stronger than the monkeys, but should pose no danger to any characters with a little combat strength.
  • Snakes are hidden away in this island somewhere...
  • Tribals live in on the northern edge of the island, and are hostile. They wield assegais and are about as dangerous as sky pirates (not very). They're also notable for dropping some unique cosmetics, like beaded bracelets and necklaces.
  • Macroticks are in Pangu's mine. They are unaggressive, and about as strong as cave slugs.
  • The Red Widow is deep in Pangu's mine, a big spider with a nasty poison. This is a rather obscure boss mob.


  • Wild bananas grow in abundance in the jungle. Biting one may cause minor damage by chipping a tooth.
  • A mine is north of the jungle here. It's got the same drop table as the Aphotic Grotto but is way harder to get to, making it the worst mine in the game.
  • Boats can be sold at the dock to the south of the island. This satisfies the pirate job. Do keep in mind that you'll need a way to get home after you sell the boat.
  • The Slave Driver job takes place here. Talk to Sir Edward Moneybags in the village, then grab some schmuck from far away, put a collar on them, and escort them here. This is a serious candidate for being the worst job in the entire game, giving terrible XP and money for the amount of effort involved.
  • Tiki is in his bar here, on the south coast of the island. He sells a few beverages, and also teaches Pistols from levels 7 to 10. Nobody learns from him, because JT on Coventry Island is much easier to reach and teaches from levels 4 to 10.
  • Pirate Supplies is here. It just sells fishing supplies.
  • The muddy pool towards the center of the island is a source of safe drinking water.
  • A fuel pump is at the "Behind the Shore Thing" dock, for fueling boats. There's also one at the non-functional helipad.
  • A cabinet of recipes is on the western end of the island, containing some .22 ammo recipes and the schematics for the georgian mickey helmet.