Our Dear Lady of Lust

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Upstairs from the Reform Church of Satan, Our Dear Lady of Lust is very rarely visited.

Our Dear Lady of Lust is a yellow zone. Instigating PvP in this zone will challenge the target, unless the target has previously challenged the challenger. The length of the challenge will vary depending on how it is instigated.


  • Mother Justice is this zone's sole mob. She does and says nothing at all, but drops a kill journal and acts as the area's boss mob; she is dangerous to low-level players. She's PC2, and accurate enough to parry consistently. On death, she'll also drop her unique satanist battle habit.


  • Some paintings are here. They increase fetishes when looked at.
  • Two plants are in the southernmost tile of this zone: a grapevine and an apple tree. Either can be harvested for cooking in the right season.