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Where all journeys begin!

The orphanage is represented by "<=" on your map in Freedom City. It is the zone where all brand new characters first spawn, and where some players spend a lot of the early game.


The orphanage is worth exploring as a new player. It's hiding some interesting secrets, as well as a few fun easter eggs.

  • Many orphans spawn here. They give very little XP, but even the weakest players can kill them. There are also "bully" orphans, slightly tougher orphans that carry weapons.
  • Some orphans are rabid; their descriptions will indicate them as "frothing at the mouth". For each rabid orphan killed, Sister Agnes will pay a princely $50. To collect payment, try -agnes pay. She stops paying when players get stronger.
  • Sister Agnes will also heal the player with -agnes heal. This heals about 15 health and cleanses other problems like black lung, though it does have a cooldown. Sister Agnes will not heal players who do not have a N-tag (under 25,000 total XP).
  • The lower levels of this zone contain a furnace, which may be worth investigating!
  • Alvin wanders around this zone. He will reset the furnace's thermostat whenever he passes it, should anyone alter its setting. He is almost permanently horny and allows sex. He will also attack any player with the Ripper mutation.

Cramped Tunnel

The Cramped Tunnel is a one-tile area within the orphanage in which new players will spawn as orphans.

This area can normally only be entered by orphans. New players cannot leave the tile without first setting a @desc and @gender. There are many tutorials and pointers here to help hopelessly confused players, so don't panic!

There's also a toy box here, which spawns stuffed-toy versions of various in-game mobs and admins. Try ripping them open for a fun, child-appropriate surprise.

Don't forget! Orphans are easy to rape!