Ocean Cliffs

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The Ocean Cliffs are a series of climbs and trails zig-zagging up and down a cliffside west of Botany Bay. This area is mostly visited as a transition area to either the Mine to the west or Botany Bay to the east.


  • Pissed-off sheep hang out here. They are shockingly dangerous all the way up to the early midgame, dealing high beat damage and being highly aggressive with fair to-hit. They often kill unwary N-tags.
  • Jiang shi zombies spawn here when the appropriate contract is signed. They're very buffed-up zombies, relatively weak to slash and stab but with strong slash damage and a lot of health.


  • Several plants can be foud here:
    • Three grapevines grow here, in the vineyard to the north, east of the graveyard.
    • A sugarbeet patch grows here, to the southwest, just outside the Mine.
    • Two macadamia trees grow here, to the southeast, among the climbs that lead down to Botany Bay.
  • There are tombstones in the graveyard to the northwest, which can be read. This seems to read off the name of a random player from the distant past (not to be confused with the names of players who have abyssed).
  • Rockhound's Hut is here, a shop that deals in minerals and mining gear, staffed by Hank.
    • The Hut also contains a special golden statue, recording a vital piece of HellMOO history. It gives griefing fetish IP when looked at.
  • A special hideout is rumored to be hidden here, somewhere... But only a big man in Botany Bay would know about that.