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Nukem Academy is located in Slagtown, and is represented by a yellow "NK" on the minimap. This is what high school looks like after the collapse: no teachers, no class, and more than a little violence. It is overrun with the gun-wielding Karnivore gang, but you'll also find pregnant teens, mutant footballers, and nerds roaming the halls. The first floor is made up largely of classrooms, while the second floor contains a cafeteria and student restrooms (perfect for nerd harassment). There's also a roof, where the big boss resides with his elite group of Karnivore Soldiers.

Karnivore Punks

Karnivore punks are a mid-level enemy found in Nukem Academy, and use .44 magnums. These guys are dangerous to the ill equipped and low-level, as there are very few easily accessible bullet soaks, and they can dodge very easily, and often.

Karnivore punks do loads of bullet damage. This can be countered with the (very expensive) Caballero Jacket and Pants, which cost more than $60,000, or other armor that soaks bullet damage well such as Double-ceramic Exosuits.

They are worth a hefty sum of $340 through the Hall Monitor contract, and are a good source of money during the early-midgame, assuming you have caballero armor.

Decently skilled firearms users should not have much of a problem with Karnivores due to the ability to get into cover before or during a fight.

For some odd reason, Karnivores drop flame chains, and their own .44 magnums (an okay pistol) occasionally drop.

Nerds & Teens

Completely harmless, although they continue to give XP for being killed, even by an obscenely high-level character, queerly enough.

Mutant Footballers

Footballers are the counterpart to the Karnivore Punks - beat and radiation damage instead of shot, and capable of parrying. Fortunately, they seemingly have less dodge than Karnivores, though they are much, much tougher, and usually you'll run into them whilst wearing Caballero armor, which has horrid beat soaks.

Footballers do unsoakable (All damage is soakable if you can get the soaks) irradiation (wasting?) damage which also inflicts you with a heavy dose of radiation, but fortunately use gamma fists, which are PC0 and easily parried.

Footballers are worth $400 on the Hall Monitor Contract, although it is advised seeking them out due to the damage they can cause.

Karnivore Seniors and Soldiers

Karnivore Seniors are found on the roof of Nukem and are best described as Karnivore Punks on Drugs.

Karnivore Seniors do much more bullet damage than Karnivore Punks, and at a faster rate. They wield the excessively rare TEC-9 Submachine Gun, which extremely rarely drops from them, and they have a much higher hit rate than Karnivore Punks.

Karnivore Soldiers are about the same as Karnivore Seniors, if a little tougher. They patrol the area around the level boss, Lord Belding.

Lord Belding

The big man, the boss, the last of the OGs, Lord Belding is the boss of Nukem, and worshipped as a god by the Karnivores. He wields a powerful rifle, as opposed to the Punk's magnums and the Senior's submachine guns.

As with all bosses, he gives a large amount of XP as opposed to the mobs that wander their area, and drops a trophy.