New Clearwater Sewer System

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They're heroes in a half-shell, and they're green!

The New Clearwater Sewer System (NCSS) is the sewer tunnels network under New Clearwater. This zone is occasionally visited for its population of sewer turtles, which are used in making armor and fulfilling a job, and is also a connector for the Chud Network.

The NCSS is a yellow zone. Instigating PvP in this zone will challenge the target, unless the target has previously challenged the challenger. The length of the challenge will vary depending on how it is instigated.


The NCSS is connected to New Clearwater at each of its junctions, with four exits leading to and from the NCSS in total. The zone also sports a sliding exit to the Wasteland to the northwest of the zone, and a Chud Network connector to the Freedom City Sewers to the northeast.

The map of the NCSS is notable for being a very simple grid structure, in sharp contrast to Freedom City's chaotic sewage network. It also has five exits in every direction and is a yellow zone, making this a very safe zone from a PvP perspective.


  • Sewer turtles spawn here, ten at a time. They are aggressive, and are notable for their unusual soak distribution: Their shells soak massive amounts of almost every damage type, but are completely unarmored on their heads.
    • Sewer turtles drop 40 XP each but scale off completely long before most players run them. They also drop turtle shell shards, which sell for $1350 each to Joda in the Abandoned Highway, fulfilling the Herpetologist job. The shards can also be used to craft armors, the patterns for which are purchased from Joda.
    • 10 sewer turtles spawn at a time, distributed throughout the zone.
    • Turtles can be stunned with flip, which requires high Brawn.
    • Turtles do not soak cold damage, making them vulnerable to Rifles.
  • Sewer bugs spawn here. They are identical in every way to the bugs in the Sewers of Freedom City, but are notable for providing Vampires with infinite sustain, since their hemolymph is a valid blood source and there is no sunlight in the NCSS zone.


  • A curious tile is in the far south of the zone, down a climb and through a searched exit. It is completely empty and served no purpose.
  • A turtle nest is in the far west of this zone, which spawns some turtle eggs. They cannot be hatched with an incubator and serve no purpose.