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Moving around in HellMOO

So you're in a post-apocalyptic universe where not even killing yourself will get you out of the horrible, crime-filled shithole you call home. That's great and all, but this place would suck ass if you couldn't walk around.

Basic movement is compromised of the eight compass directions, up/down, and in/out, and going in a direction is as simple as typing in the direction you want to go. However, you can't really walk willy-nilly, since like in real life you can't walk through walls, although that would be totally awesome. So how do you know where the hell you can go? Check the bottom of the description for a location. Here's one for Fourth Ave - 500 Block:

    [ Exits:  north  south  *east(door)  west ]

If you can't tell, you can go north, south, east, or west here. East can also be reached by typing 'door'. Occasionally you may need to type the more detailed direction to specify. The star next to east means the pathway is closed. In some cases, like this, you can simply open it and head through, but occasionally it's locked.

If you saw this in color, east would be highlighted in blue. What the hell does that mean? It means you're about to go to a new area. Look at the top of the location description.

    Fourth Ave - 500 block (freedom city) 6:43pm

Pretty simple. We're at Fourth Ave - 500 block in Freedom City at 6:43pm.

This MOO has a map, thank GOD. You can see it whenever you head to a new area. Once again at Fourth Ave - 500 Block:


The minimap has a 5x5 block range with you in the middle, the blue (). You can see abbreviations for various buildings and locations. During the daytime, this thing has color. But at night, it's just black and white, which can be confusing if you're in a new place during night.

Wanna see more? You have a wristpad in your inventory, and since you have it, you can use 'map' to see a larger area.


If you wanna look somewhere before you walk onto it to help avoid RoboRapist3000, use 'l <direction>' to see where you're going, if you're capable of looking there. You can't look through, say, a locked door, unless it is YOUR door, with a peephole installed on the side that you want to be able to see out to.

While you're running around like a horrible radioactive lunatic (you are), watch out for the red directions. Those mean you may have to climb, and climbing, swimming, and all that can make for some pretty good times. See 'help skills'n for more on those.


  * Compass Directions, in/out, up/down make up basic movement
  * Type a direction to go there.
  * Use the map and look around to see where you are and where you're going.
  * map can let you see more of your surroundings
  * You may have to climb, swim, or fall.