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Medium is the upgrade mutation for Clairvoyance. It allows you to psychically search for other players The mutation adds a bonus of +1 focus. It grants the following commands:

 seek <target> : attempt to learn the general location of a player. If your focus is high enough, you can accurately locate the player.

Seek can be used on NPCs as well, such as the Punisher, or any Raider Bosses you get the name of, but strangely not Usagi Yojimbo. It is a mystery.


Seeking will give you moderate amounts of stress, and has a chance to give you brain damage if you someone with high Focus. If you beat their Focus by enough, you will be told their zone, and if they're in a vehicle, and even the ID of the vehicle if you win by enough. You still have to be careful, however; if the player you are seeking has high Focus, they will be alerted that someone is seeking them, who is seeking them, or detect where they're being sought from, which can potentially be dangerous. Seek with caution!

Detecting that someone is seeking you is rather easy, to the point that seeking anyone that has bothered to invest in Focus is almost guaranteed to send them running to safety. It takes a LOT of Focus to seek someone undetected. Also, despite what you may have heard about tinfoil hats, they are almost no protection from seeking. Their only use is to alert you you're being sought, if somehow you don't know already, or to tell you exactly who and where from. And no, even layering them doesn't help.

Carebear players get heavily penalized while seeking regular players.

[zotnet] Neil_Patrick_Maris says, "in the seek verb, you have a check roll that is based on your focus roll versus your target's focus roll and some other factors "
[zotnet] Neil_Patrick_Maris says, "after it builds up the check, but before it decides consequences"
[zotnet] Neil_Patrick_Maris says, "it checks if the seeker is carebear and the target is not"
[zotnet] Neil_Patrick_Maris says, "if so"
[zotnet] Neil_Patrick_Maris says, "it completely resets your check"
[zotnet] Neil_Patrick_Maris says, "to 3 - random(10)"
[zotnet] Neil_Patrick_Maris says, "so a pretty low chance of success"
[zotnet] Neil_Patrick_Maris says, "and focus rolls don't even come into it anymore"
[zotnet] Neil_Patrick_Maris says, "because it's just a total re-assignment to the check variable"


An interesting mystery surrounding Mediums are Auras, as the mutation allows you to see various coloured auras around people's heads when you look at them. The colour seems to vary based on karma and perhaps other factors.

Grey or indistinct auras mean the player hasn't done enough of anything to deserve their own aura. Red indicates negative karma, Green indicates positive, and a rainbow aura means they've received enough of both to balance out. Black and White are much, much more rare, and could indicate extreme negative and extreme positive respectively, but who knows.


This is one of the mutations that Empath requires; the total mutations needed are Clairvoyance, Medium, and Swollen Brain.