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I gots a cousin with enough brains to sew together two chuds and make a crackbaby!


Medical skill is essential for surviving the wastes. It is an entirely brains skill, which means that anybody with half decent brains can be a half decent medic. It allows you to heal damage, fix broken bones, clear ailments, and even bring the dead back to life.


The diagnose or diag command allows you to use your medic skill to determine the health, arousal, food and water deprivation levels, Vampiric status, need to urinate, etc from another player/NPC or yourself. Diagnosing yourself is easier than other characters, and you can not use the command on players with the Enigma mutation. The amount of information reported on other players depends on your Medic skill, and the command is not useful for grinding Medic.

 diagnose Miyako
 In your educated opinion...
 Miyako has no injuries.
 Miyako is sexually aroused.
 Miyako is deprived of food by about 91 units.
 Miyako is deprived of water by about 1 units.
 Miyako really has to pee.


Before you heal somebody, they will have to allow medic from <you>. After they do that, you should diagnose them to figure out what's wrong. Once you get to a certain level of medic, you'll be able to determine exactly how hungry somebody is, or exactly what percentage of health they have by using the diag command.

Medical Supplies

Typically, medical supplies come in various forms;

The weight of medical supplies can stack up, so you should keep a container around for them or only carry minimal supplies you think you need.

Getting Supplies

The pharmacy in Freedom City, Meds 4 Less (ML on the map) sells almost everything you need, including trauma kits, insta-casts, first aid kits, some hypos, rad detox kits and defibrillators. Using them is simple enough; use <item> if you want to heal yourself, or use <item> on <person> if you want to heal somebody else. Items like brain surgery kits are expensive equipment that can only be bought in the dangerous technologically-advanced Maas Neotek.


Some civilians in Freedom City may be injured or suffering from illnesses. When you diagnose them or ask if they have any needs and they state they think they are sick, you may treat the illness and gain both IPs and money from it. Usually if sick they are suffering from Black Lung which can be treated with allomycin, but this is not always the case. Curing orphans of Black Lung is also an idea, though you will need to grab them to be able to inject the cure. The hospital in slagtown will also pay you for using trauma kits on injured patients, but beware of hostile mobs on your way there. The Crack Mansion ('cm' on the map) is not only a great place to grind combat skills, but also a great place to grind medic. Just heal the players fighting crackheads, or yourself after a battle. Nanite healers give very little medic IP, so use trauma kits instead. (Note that players aren't likely to pay you.)

Massaging other players may train medic as well; however, low medic totals when massaging may be deadly for the targeted player/victim. repeatedly massaging the same person will cause muscle strain and eventually lead to a groin pull.

If all else fails you may also train medic like a weapon skill by fighting with a sonic scalpel. Be prepared for long hours of missing as you will probably have very low tohit with it from raw 1 through 4.


Using a Portable Defibrillator that is properly charged will allow a character with a high enough skill in Medic to resurrect a dead character provided they have not been gibbed or horribly mutilated, and the player must also still be in limbo. If the player has cloned the defibrillator will simply state that the patient has flatlined and that you don't think you will be able to recucitate them. You should ideally have at least 14 effective Medic for this to work, and ideally higher is better. Recucitated characters will return with barely any health and with some penalties, but it's still cheaper than cloning (no skill loss, no paying for new clone). Cocoon capsules will still be deployed from the initial death and a new one will have to be purchased even if a character is recucitated. Players who have died due to bleeding or heart attack from overdosing are likely to die immediately after being revived: use a suture kit to fix bleeding, or pass them an aspirin pill as soon as they are revived so they will not drop dead again.


The (general) difficulty of using medical items is as follows; keep in mind that the higher your medic skill, the more effective everything will be. (Except for the items like insta-casts and nanite healers, which, to my best knowledge, depend on a very low medical skill. I have never seen anybody fail to give themselves a nanite injection or fail to swallow a pill.) Generally speaking, the higher your medical skill, the more damage trauma kits will heal per tick, and the longer the bandages will stay applied.

Pills = Nanite Healers (~5 total)
Trauma Kits (~10 total, 15+ is preferable for long, sustained healing)
Insta-casts (14~ total)
Hypodermics and Syringes (14-15~ total)
Rad Detox Kits = Suture Kits = First Aid Kits (15~ total) 
Defibrillators (16~ total)
MedGenTech Organ Extraction Kit (17~ total)
Brain Surgery Kits (18~ total, 20+ is preferable)
Installing implants (? total)
Implant removal (≥26 for risk-free removal with the Implomatic)