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Macero is a coastal farming and fishing village in the far north of the Gulf of Stockton.

You can only access Macero by blinking or taking a boat there across the sea, and this is not likely to change in the future.

Notable Landmarks include:

A giant field: There's a whole bunch of crops here, crafters rejoice.

Wing Chong Supermarket: A chinese supermarket with various bits and pieces which might be of interest.

Mega-Bargain!: An expensive store that doesn't really hold true to it's name, but it stocks all kinds of cool stuff.

Old Farmhouse: There's an old guy in there who tells stories if you ask.

Farmer's Market: A big shopping place where you can buy all kinds of fruits and vegetables.

Fish Market: A store where you can buy fish, if you ever wanted to.

Public Cloner: A clone tank, so you can clone in Macero and not travel across half the god damn ocean. Not that there's much reason to stick around here.