Maas Neotek

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An overview from your wristpad map of Maas Neotek.

Maas Neotek is a mysterious, foreboding city populated by the technologically enhanced hepcats. It's within walking distance of Freedom City, but the trek is confusing if you're not familiar with Crater Rim. Once you're there, the hepcats themselves are a danger, especially to lower-level players. The trip is worth it, though - there are items here that you cannot find anywhere else.

Maas has several useful mutations, which are worth the effort and danger. At best, the average hepcat will simply taunt you; at worst, they'll attack. The danger level of hepcats varies depending on the hepcat, but few of them usually pose a serious danger to anyone over about 60,000 XP.

For more information on Hepcats and their danger levels, see here. For a detailed map of Maas Neotek, see here.

Getting There

On foot: From Freedom City, go south to Slagtown and southeast to Crater Rim. Head east and then north until you reach a bridge. J'Mak will be blocking the bridge. Kill him or push him away, then head across the bridge and eastward until you reach the redneck encampment. Go southeast out of the encampment, then north when you hit the mountains. Be careful, as continuing southeast at the fork will land you in Glowstiller, which is far more dangerous.

By air: The ospreys operated by Bucko and Alexis will fly as far as the Crater Rim helipad. From there, walk east to the redneck encampment and continue as prescribed on foot. Alternately, those in player-owned aircraft can land in the center of Maas Neotek itself.


As well as hepcats, you'll meet the hapless neo-vickies here. They're similar to Freedom City's consumers, and give credit for the whore job and similar things. Maas has no police force, so you can scam them without fear of stars. They live and sleep in three townhouses in northern Maas, which aren't locked. Since some of them wear clothing that buffs Persuade, you can freely strip their clothes while they sleep for your own benefit.

The Eddington Plaza and Branden Tower are also here, large and empty structures which have little function besides flavor. The Maas Subway network lies beneath the city, visited for its curious inhabitants and mischief.

If you're feeling tough, you might take on the hepcat kingpins. Ginsberg is easy to find, spouts a ton of nonsense, and is rumored to have a very special price on his head. There is also another less conspicuous hepcat miniboss... Track him down for a fight and a trophy.

There are three mutations here: High Density, Fuck Machine and Rubberskin.

The Maas community will also sell you various marvels: