Lurleen Estates

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An apartment complex far to the west of Freedom City, just north of Lurleen, notable for being cheap and having no innate security.


  • A public shower is here, just outside the Estates themselves.
  • A landing tile for planes is here. It's counted as a large helipad, so planes of all sizes can land there.
  • The estates has a strange fee structure, costing $10,000 up front as a deposit, and a mere $40 a month thereafter.
  • A canteen is on the ground floor of the hotel, which usually sells some fresh produce that can be used in Crafting. This is an especially good source of fruit for the chef job.
  • A clone tank is here, with a rather high subscription fee of $5,000.
  • There is absolutely zero security for residents of the Estates, aside from any that the residents themselves introduce, like good locks.
  • The Estates has no internet access in cyberspace.
  • This zone has good sky tile access, being dead-center between most of the commonly accessed sky tiles in HellMOO, and not too far from anything by plane.