Jecklesonhyde Institute

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With no currently active members, JI can be considered defunct.

  • Symbol: JI
  • CEO: DrCrowley
  • Current managers: Typhaeon (Combat powerhouse psychopath minmaxer), Zozma (he helps people lots), MorbidMind (nobody really knows what she does) and Zaylin (yes, Zaylin)

Notable employees: Admiral Adama (a complete retard who isnt an alt of lt.gaeta... not at all), Kano (generally cool dude)

JI is a generally friendly corp that is happy to take in new players and help them out, showing them the ropes of the game.

For other older members, or cool people who join, JI's secret interest is in scientific research, eg: the proliferation of zombie mutant land sharks.


Left to right: Lt.Gaeta (AKA Admiral Adama), Dr.Crowley, Zaylin, Zozma, Typhaeon ("Well balanced and non-combat based character" - which is why he's holding a decapitated head.)

Notes for picture: Drawn by a monkey in a perverse experiment.