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This list is at a very early stage and thus is quite empty, make additions where you can.


The (in)complete list is here


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Item Use
Trauma kit Periodic healing, reflects on skill of the medic. Comes in 1/5/10 use sizes.
Nanite healer Instant healing.
First aid kit Serves as an Insta-cast, Suture kit and Groinex nanopoultice in one handy package.
Insta-cast Repairs fractured limbs.
Suture kit Stops periodic bleeding damage caused by bladed weapons and guns.
Groinex nanopoultice Heals a pulled groin.
Brain surgery kit Repairs brain damage. Best used in the hands of an experienced medic- a player with 22 Medic skill or more, a player with less than this has a chance of fucking things up futher.
Various Hypodermic Needles Injects the contained chemical into the user's bloodstream. Some chems are as follows: Mortilex, Allomycin, Fungilex, Viromycin, Berserker, Speed, Heroin.

Skill-buffing items

Item Buffs
yellow rubber gloves +2 repair
repairman's toolbox +2 repair
doctor's mirror +2 medic
pair of aviator goggles +1 pilot
polycarbonate goggles +1 science

Scavenged Junk

There's probably an extremely large amount to go here.

For an idea of what you'll find when scavenging, take a look at the documented Scavenge Tables.


Crap is defined as stuff which doesn't serve much purpose to lower-level characters other than to be sold to Avram at Salvage Unlimited. This includes:

Item Item Item
Tax Forms Military Documents Bumper Stickers
Ash Trays Cheese Graters Action Figures
Comic Books Happyfriend Dolls Ancient Tires
Guitar Picks Chrome Hubcaps Broken Lead Pipes
Some of these items can be quite valuable, the Hubcaps selling for over $100 Apiece. To crafting characters, a number of these items will appear in recipes. For example, ancient tires being used to create air vehicles and broken lead pipes being melted down to form lead bars.


I'm gonna start trying to categorize these better. --Dibolcrif 04:35, 5 October 2011 (PDT)

Ingredients are items you've scavenged that you can make things with. Most of these items are worth hoarding to sell in mass to crafting players in corps

Item Item Item
Empty Syringes Firearms Parts Other Assemblies
Metal Ingots/Bars Chudskins Microprocessors
Aircraft Parts Quick-mold Plastic Copper Wire

Although this may sound promising, there's some ingredients that aren't really worth keeping to characters who do not craft or do not need to gather materials for their corp due to either extreme weight or inferior value to other items.

Item Item Item
Rusty Spikes Rusty Razor Wire Cinder Blocks
Scrap Wood Simple Lock Parts All Fuses
Empty Brass Rounds Human Skins Brillo Pads

Some recipes demand items such as shirts or alcohol, you can strip the shirts off Crackheads, you can do this while killing them, or you can even pilfer them off the Crackheads other people have killed! If a recipe asks for alcohol, or another kind of liquid, you'll probably have to get it in a container. A Jerry can, which can be bought at the Hell Up In Hardware store in Freedom City, will do fine, as it has a big capacity. You can fill this Jerry can from anything, even piss if you wanted to.

Fruits, Meats and Food

You're probably going to end up killing lots of fleshy things, and most of these flesh things, be they Orphans, Beefalos, Lobstrosities or just wild and stray Cats and dogs, are going to have delicious bits which you can use your Scavenge skill to cut from their dead bodies, which you can turn into stuff to eat. You can also sell this stuff to El Morro Grocery in Gangland, or for the more complex recipes, to Cafe le Douche in Corpclave for some hefty cash.

Note that the stuff you can cut from robots is generally electronic junk, and is inedible to all but those folk with the Billygoat mutation. You could probably give this stuff to your corp, if you're in one, or just sell it to Avram at Salvage Unlimited.

Scattered around the world are plants which you can gather cooking/crafting ingredients from. Here is a list of plant products.