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The Plant item class consists of ingredients you can gather from plants, not all of the items in this class can be used in recipes, some are drugs or exist only to be eaten.

The class includes:

Item Plant Name Use Location Type
Bundle of Wheat Stalks Wheat Plant Crafting - Cooking/Chemistry Various: Slagtown, Macero Vegetable
Handful of Rice Grains Wheat Plant Crafting - Cooking Macero Vegetable
Apple Dwarf Apple Tree Crafting - Cooking/Chemistry Crater Rim, Slagtown (rooftop gardens) Vegetable
Bunch of Grapes Grapevine Crafting - Cooking/Chemistry Botany Bay (cliffs), Slagtown (rooftop gardens) Fruit
Cholla Pod Cholla Cactus Crafting - Cooking/Chemistry Various:Crater Rim, Glass Mesa Vegetable
Bundle of Coffee Cherries Coffee Tree Crafting - Cooking/Chemistry Botany Bay Fruit
Mushroom Sludge Giant Mushroom Crafting - Chemistry - Drug Stormfront Drug
Sugar Beet Sugar Beet Patch Crafting - Cooking Various:Botany Bay, Kakuri Island Vegetable
Raspberry Raspberry Bush Crafting - Cooking Luskentyre, Macero Fruit
Cantaloupe N/A Crafting - Cooking Bought only Fruit
Tomato Tomato Plant Crafting - Cooking Various:Botany Bay, Kakuri Island Vegetable
Huge Carrot Carrot Patch Crafting - Cooking Various:Botany Bay, Crater Rim Vegetable
Celery Celery Patch Crafting - Cooking Various:Botany Bay, Kakuri Island Vegetable
Coconut Palm Tree Crafting - Cooking Various:Botany Bay, Shoreline Nut
Macadamia nut Macadamia Tree Crafting - Cooking Botany Bay Nut
Cola of Buds Cannabis Plant Drug, Crafting Freedom City Drug
Mushroom (psylocybe) Beefalo Shit Drug Crater Rim Drug
Peyote Button Peyote Cactus Drug Various: Glass Mesa, Devil's Towers Drug
Barnacle Stems Mutant Barnacles Food Devil's Towers Food/Misc