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The Part item class consists of items used primarily in crafting in all divisions of craft. The class includes:

Item Item Item Item Item
Firearm Trigger Assembly Firearm Breech Assembly Firearm Sight Assembly Ammunition Magazine Assembly Flywheel Assembly
Condenser Coil Ballast Assembly Liquid Reservoir Assembly Piezoelectric Ignition Circuit Superconductor Ring
Lock Assemblies Broken Battery Pack Rusted Radiator Lock Cases Glass Tube
Plastic Tubing Broken LCD Servomotor Electromagnetic Motor Actuated Valve
Grindwheel Broken Playstation Keypad Circuit Bike Chain Chrome Hubcap
Tube of Buckey Lube Class III Laser Micro-slicing Fibre Spool Spool of Brass Wire Reinforced Flex Tube
Steel Pipes & Caps Glass Tube O-ring CD-R Spindle Condenser Coil
Electromagnetic Motor Quick-Mold Plastic Solar Cell Tire Servomotor

This list probably needs to be more organised.

It also has a sparsely populated daughter class; Item_MachinedParts which includes presumably machined parts like steel chain.

Item Item Item
Length of Steel Chain Cheap Lock Casing Bundle of Brass Pins
Clockwork Gears Small Spring Brass Cylinder
Handful of Brass Fittings Good Lock Casing Complex Lock Assembly