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The Leather Hide item class consists of skins you cut off creatures, although some are commonly used as generic skins in recipes, others may be used more specifically. Items from this class are often crafted into armor or furniture. The class includes:

Item Item Item Item
Human Skin Chud Skin Dino Hide Bear Pelt
Yeti Pelt Rock-Leech Hide Monkey Skin Beefalo Hide
Zombie Hide Croc Skin Gulfhound Skin Basilisk Hide
Kraken Skin Nullianac Hide Shark Hide Bear Pelt

It also has two sister classes; Item_Rigidhide which includes hard hides like bug chitin...

Item Item Item Item
Bug Carapace Spider Chitin Ant Carapace Lobster Shell
Snake Skin Turtle Shell Shard Armordillo Plate Carapace Polyp

And Item_Furhide which includes fur pelts like bunny pelts.

Item Item Item Item
Bunny Pelt Ice Yeti Pelt Sheep Pelt Chukka Pelt