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The Chemical item class consists of elementary items used in recipes. Most of these items are bags, jars, or vials of substances, found as drops, through permanent spawns, through scavenge, bought, or synthesized through the chemistry skill.

The class includes:

Item Item Item
Bag of Gunpowder Bag of Flash Powder Bag of Saltpeter
Bottle of Tanning Fluid Bottle Embalming Fluid Bottle of Ammonia
Bottle of Monomer Solution Bottle of Formaldehyde Bottle of Methylamine
Vial of Fenofibrate Vial of Elastin Vial of Cytidine
Jar of Powdered Graphite Jar of Sulfur Charcoal Briquette
Bottle of Peroxide Bottle of PCB Thermite Compound
Beaker of Hardening Compound Vial of Stem Cells Yellowcake
Bag of Salt Vial of Endocrine Fluid