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Implants are things that go into your head, with various effects:

  • Stat implants will give you a specific boost to a stat at the cost of multiplying incoming stress by a certain amount.
  • Utility implants allow you to do new things.
  • Explosive implants (cortex bombs) are put into you by a corp, or jail to kill you whenever they so desire.

Dr. Nick in Injection Junction (IJ) in northeastern Freedom City can install them into you for cheap as well as Doctor Stigg in Weezer's Torgussen Clinic (for an MUCH higher price) and Meatwad in Weezer Sewers. Simply give the implant to your chosen doctor, respond with a "yes" or a nod, and he'll install it at a price that varies according to the price of the implant. He'll also slightly hurt you and cause bleeding. If you change your mind, but have already given him your implant, don't panic. They will give it back to you before you leave the clinic.

Players can install implants for you on the top floor of the hospital in Slagtown, using the same device that removes them. Note that removing implants takes high Medic skill; around 26 at minimum.

Implants can be bought at the Enhancement Clinic in Corpclave, The Neo You in Maas Neotek, Kowloon Wirehead in Botany Bay, and A Better Life in Weezer Village with Weezer's implant store being the cheapest. You can wear as many as you want, but repeats are not allowed, and wearing too many will give you regular ticks of stress. Note that wearing at least one implant will give you 1 stress point every time you change location if your Cool is low (minimum cool to avoid this seems to be 5 + number of implants).

Implants have a condition system, similar to that of armor. If your corpse rots (vanishes when you enter/look into its room) with implants in it, they are almost guaranteed to take anywhere from 1-4 damage (except when you've mutated Silicon Skin). The only way to prevent this is to have someone cut them from your corpse before it rots. Any implant with 6/10 condition or less (in some cases even 7/10) has the possibility of causing random minor injuries, shock, stress or even mental illnesses.

Implants do not act like conventional items in that they are not protected by cocoons. They will be hackable from your corpse should you die, unless you have the Silicone Skin mutation.

Implants will be destroyed if the unfortunate bearer dies an explosive death.

Stat buffing implants

Name Stat buff Stat debuff Price
Hotrail +3 reflexes -1 endurance $18,000
Hotwire implant +1 reflexes none $3,600
Multiprocessor +3 brains -1 reflex $18,000
Coprocessor +1 brains none $18,000
Antibody agonist +3 endurance -1 senses $18,000
Leukocyte implant +1 endurance none $3,600
Muscle controller +3 brawn -1 brains $18,000
Muscle juicer implant +1 brawn none $3,600
Ego synthesizer +3 cool -1 brawn $18,000
Ego modulator +1 cool none $3,600
LIDAR +3 senses -1 cool $18,000
Syntheye implant +1 senses none $3,600

Utility implants

Name Notes Price
Jarvik 24 Heart Implant Used to prevent heart attacks from old age and drug use.
+1 endurance and -1 cool. Also reduces chest armor thickness limit by 3.
This counts as a stat implant and will multiply stress gains like one. Bought from Pegleg Pete's random stock in Botany sometimes.
PsychoSight implant Allows you to see Psi shimmers and ghosts, similar to Clairvoyance. Bought from CSICOP Branch Office in Slagtown. $1,125
Norplant Used to prevent pregnancy in female characters. Relatively worthless. Bought from Corpclave. $1,800
Rhodopsin augmentor implant Allows you to see in the dark. Similar to night vision goggles, except without the green tint. Bought from Maas Neotek. $3,500
Libido suppressor Stops you from getting horny whilst it's in; good for people who don't like the brains debuff and/or slugs. Bought from Corpclave. $1,800
Alkatek DNI Allows you to jack in to cyberdecks, giving you access to the internet/local nets.
Also used for hacking computers, programming ARC droids and the cams in Gangland. Bought from Corpclave.
Corporate discipline implant Allows a corp CEO with a discipline console to induce short-term shock or death.
Automatically implanted if you use a designated corp clonetank.
It also soaks stress when used with a regular implant. Bought from Corpclave.
Panopticon cortex bomb Will explode if phase/blink/flight is used while it is installed, or if the wearer is outside of Panopticon Prison for too long.
Holocam implant Not available to the public, but will broadcast anything you see/do in
a fashion similar to a camcorder to the channel LIVETV.

How damaged is the implant

Players with good Appraise are able to determine the exact condition.
Condition What it really means Description
dinged up 9-8/10 Perfectly usable with no side effects.
bit damaged 7-6/10 Perfectly usable with no side effects.
somewhat/seriously/etc damaged 5/10 and less Occasionally stuns/stresses/damages the user. Rarely causes mentals.