Hover Platform Rental Center

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Hover Platform Rental Center is located in Freedom City, at Cheney Way - 900 block, and is open 24/7.


Three hover platforms can be found here, which can be hired to ferry around heavy furniture for you. They have five commands associated with them:

  • hire platform will make the platform follow you and your commands. While in your service, it will charge you $5 every 30 seconds.
  • load <item> on platform will make the platform load a specified item. Some items which are massively heavy may be impossible to lift.
  • unload <item> from platform will make the platform unload whatever it has loaded.
  • dump platform will make the platform unload everything it's carrying to its current tile.
  • fire platform will remove the platform from your service and send it back to its home tile. This implies dump; a platform will drop everything it's carrying before heading home.


Sometimes, hoverplats can become bugged and get stuck, which will cause them to infinitely charge you $5 at a time. This sometimes happens with portals and portalguns in particular. To solve this, transfer all of your money to a friend or corp account for a moment. When the platform attempts to charge you, but finds that you cannot pay, it will immediately fire itself.

This tile is also notable for hosting an interesting banner. A relic of HellMOO from long ago, it still hosts a distinction between in-character and out-of-character communication, with instructions like:

   [OOC:  Type 'hire platform'.]