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Since they were implemented the faithful homecam has been the player's friend. They record 100 events, yes 100 events! They can play back robberies, reef tank spam and any other activity that occours in the room they are set up in. They are fairly simple to use, and can only be bolted to an area owned by a player or controlled by the corp that they are in eg; an apartment or corpstore. You must always remember though after pressing play on a home cam you must press record again as it is cancelled until you do so. Homecams can only be operated by the person who owns the room or members of the corp that control the area the homecam is situated in.

Installing a Homecam

After purchasing the home cam, before you can do anything you have to turn the power on:

 press power on homecam

To install the home cam in a room you have to drop it then bolt it:

 drop homecam
 bolt homecam

Using a Homecam

To start recording:

 press record on homecam

To lock buttons so nobody can tamper with the homecam while they rob you:

 press lock on homecam

To unlock controls when you are ready to view events

 press unlock on homecam

To playback events:

 press play on homecam

To copy the recording to a memory card:

 insert memory in homecam
 press copy on homecam
 The homecam's copy light blinks several times, then stops.

Submitted by Nox.