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High Density is the prequisite for Lithodermis. An increased density of tissue and bones that makes it more resistant to impact damage.


Another Maas Neotek mutation. Head to MK on the map. Sometimes there will be a Hepcat or two outside of the building, but if you're fast (and queue the movements) you can easily get by without having to go through them. Once inside, search around for a bit, then head down and mutate.


This mutation grants:

    +3-5 beat resistance
    +1-4 bullet resistance

Message upon receiving

[ Your beating resistance increased by 3 - 5! ]
[ Your bullets resistance increased by 1 - 4! ]
<person> looks quizzically at his/her/its skin, plucking his fingers against it with curiosity.
[ You've developed the 'high density' mutation! ]
[ Your clone has been updated! All skills and experience saved. ]


One of the most useful T1 soak mutations, as you'll keep running into Beat/Bullet damage all the time.

Balances out the negative Beat soaks from Nimble Fingers/Leapfrog.


None, really. Just takes up a soak slot.