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So, you chose to take on the mantle of a Hideous Freak. Good for you! Hideous Freaks present a different way of playing HellMOO. You will not have the same accessibility to advanced weapons and equipment and the penalties will make you approach the entire game in a different way. As such, this guide had been created to detail the mutation and the problems it can pose to unwary players.


The mutation spot can be found at the old burned out victorian (Vi on the map) at the necropolis gate. You have to open the trapdoor leading down, which is locked with a voxguard silver, go down (you'll be at the necropolis cloner now) and down once more to the mutation spot.


It adds "On top of all that, %N is a hideous mutated freak." to your appearance, after all other mut appearance modifiers.

Message upon receiving

[ Your senses increased by 4! ]
[ Your cool decreased by 3! ]
[ Your endurance increased by 1! ]
[ Your sneak increased by 3! ]
[ Your persuade decreased by 2! ]
[ Your torture increased by 4! ]
[ Your focus increased by 3! ]
[ Your vampirism resistance increased by 100! ]
[ You've just received some new commands. ]
[ scare : Strike fear into someone's heart. ]


Hideous Freak gives the following stat and skill modifiers:

  • +4 Senses
  • +1 Endurance
  • +3 Sneak
  • +3 Focus
  • -3 Cool
  • -2 Persuade
  • 90% Toxic resistance (for grabbing bleach from the Toxic Dump)

Hideous Freak also provides some other modifiers not covered by pure stat changes.

  • Stress and de-stress are reversed. For example, you will become de-stressed from engaging in combat, grabbing, and using focus abilities with the exception of Scare. THC gives stress and so does sitting in a chill room. One notable exception to this rule is the Empath mutation. Empath functions without regard to whether you're a Hideous Freak.
  • You become resistant to eating raw flesh, so you will not acquire worms.
  • Necropolis Junkers, Freaks, and Spectres will not attack you without provocation. However, FCEF troops armed with rifles will now attack you on sight.
  • You can pass through the tunnel at the entrance to Necropolis, however attempting to enter Southern Necropolis will result in your immediate death at the hands of the electrical grid the FCEF laid down. The same thing happens if you try to enter Camp Benjamin.
  • You gain acid blood. Your blood will damage health and armor if it gets on anybody, including yourself. This means vampires cannot feed from you.
  • You gain the scare command, which gives everyone in the room a dose a fear and gives you a dose of frenzy for each creature that was affected by it (if you are not in a green zone). Also challenges in yellow zones.
  • You cannot use most conventional shops, but you can buy from Weezer, Maas, and several other areas.
  • You will be given an instant 20 stars upon sighting in Freedom City, Corpclave, Burbclave, Jack Schitt, and Halliburton Arms. While you have the 0 stars, you will have either K-9s, Spiderlings, or CSS Guards that will hunt you in any of their areas of jurisdiction until the 0 stars expire.
  • No matter the stars, you'll never clone in jail - whether it's the Panopticon prison or the dreaded Cube. This makes robbing people less of a hassle.
  • You also cannot become a Vampire. The mutations are mutually exclusive and Hideous Freaks are unable to acquire even temporary vampirism.
  • Every time you clone, you have a chance of acquiring one or more mental illnesses.
  • Hideous Freaks are unable to have more than two implants, any more than two will result in the implants being destroyed by the freaks acidic blood.


Scare is an exclusive Freak ability. While not terribly powerful, it can be useful in certain situations. In most situations, it gives those who hear it a dose of fear, impairing their stats. And for every person who gets fear, you gain a dose of frenzy adding +1 to brawn and senses, up to a max of +4 each. Frenzy does, however, lower your focus more for every dose you get. Another not instantly realizable feature of Frenzy is that it lowers your chance of being feinted. This is extremely useful when fighting those pesky FCEF troops as well as your fellow brainy inclined players who also use feint.


The loss of cool makes it hard to become proficient at blades and guns, that being said guns don't need as much to-hit and the cool debuff can be easily dealt with. However, non-cool-based weapon classes are perfectly reasonable to utilize, such as spears, whips, fists, and clubs. With whips being the preferred choice for regular freaks, and spears and fists being preferred by freaks planning on becoming an abomination. Bling can also be worn to give you up to +4 cool. Cool can be ground up, but this isn't recommended as your gym IP could be used for much better things. Unless your build involves Cool based weapons, in which you would be grinding Cool to deal with the Cool loss, you filthy plebeian.

The easiest way to deal with police is by not going to Freedom City, however, by the time you become a freak you shouldn't have any trouble dealing with K-9s or C3s, just watch our for McBain. If you're speedy enough, or have decent sneak, you can get through Freedom City with ease. For a Freak, one of the main attractions to Freedom City is to install implants, however, with the help of a brainy friend you could have them install your implants using the implomatic at the hospital in Slagtown. If you went to Nick, K-9s may reach you while installing implants. If this happens, kill the fuckers and bust on out, being able to blink makes this process easier, but noticeably less exciting. A particularly fast Freak may be able to get two or three implants in during a run. Nick is racist now RIP

Freaks can benefit from grinding up their Sneak skill. If your Sneak is high enough, you can avoid being seen by the cameras, and thus avoid the 0 stars that mean hunting you. In fact, if you aren't seen by a camera, you can even chill with the law enforcement in the same square as you. A good amount of Sneak can be invaluable in getting implants put in. Note that a Sneak checks are not a one time occurrence per square. When you enter a square the initial check is made to see if you are detected. If you succeed this check, a few seconds later another check will be made, this one harder. As you succeed the checks for being in a square they progressively get harder, so don't dawdle!

Every now and then, your cloning location, no matter where you set it, will reset to the clone tank in the Necropolis, usually after you've run out of or acquired police stars in a jurisdiction. Check st religiously because being surprised to a Necropolis clone tank can be a headache, especially if you cannot blink. This does not seem to happen of late, but it is never a bad thing to be safe.

Ask other players to buy things for you. If you're in a corporation you can just have corpmates buy and sell for you. This does not mean a Freak is without resources, however! In Slagtown alone, Freaks can buy scanlocks and damaged trading cards from Sargo's Discount Warehouse. Freaks wishing to sip on some sweet delicious bugshit can stop by Round Corner and hit up Rayray. Those who prefer more pedestrian cocktails can get them from Heath at the Wide Stance. Freaks can also purchase goods from the player-run Slagtown Galleria. Camp Benjamin in Necropolis sells to Freaks Camp Benjamin hates you, but Furst in Village of Lurleen will sell to you, as will Basil. Maas Neotek is also open to freaks. This means you can purchase implants from Neo You and buy contracts there. You can also go to the Tree of Life in Botany Bay, which provides cocoons to protect your gear as well as basic medical supplies. Weezer is also open to freaks, most notable being the implant store: 'Better Life' which sells implants cheaper than the Kowloon Wirehead or Neo You, but with a randomized stock.

When you clone, you're likely to wind up with at least one kind of mental problem. The effects of these are many, varied, and occasionally annoying. You can counter this problem by partnering up with someone brainy, who can analyze you, to potentially cure your mental problem. There is a cooldown of ten minutes, regardless of psychoanalyst. An important thing about mental problems is that they build up over time. From experience, a mental illness can take even the greatest of medics two or three tries if you have let it build up over time. For this reason it is important to be analyzed as soon as you spawn.

Hideous Freaks can only wear up to two implants before they start degenerating. This is a very obvious and quick process, with a random implant of your's condition being steadily lowered until it breaks, and this process repeats until you only have two implants left. However, while you're actively drinking bleach you are able to have up to four implants in. This is because the bleach is absorbed into your bloodstream and makes your blood less acidic and also because fuck you. However, this effect only lasts as long as you are drinking bleach. To compensate for this, freaks suffer much less damage from the bleach, and that is easy enough to just mend away.