Genetic Purity

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Genetic Purity is a nifty mutation for all you fucking asshole racists who want to never mutate or do anything interesting with your life.
However, the upside to being a fucking asshole racist is you can sperg faster as you gain XP faster.


Hilltop Ruins in the very north eastern Weezer Village area, just outside of Takotech. You'll have to make it up a 10m climb first.


This mutation grants:

    +25% XP gain
    +1 maximum HP per free mutation slot

For example, something that would give you 100 XP now gives you 125 XP.


  • You get to sperg with a new found fervor, as you can gain more XP than the usual scumbag. Good on you.
  • At 360k total XP, you can have up to 73 health. Even better now that Zombie has been dumpstered!


  • You are now a boring sack of shit who can't take any other mutations (or even have any other mutations to begin with).
  • The only way to remove this mutation is by rerolling.




Considering this is a major change to your day to day Hell-life, a couple of factors should be considered. Unlike your brethren who actually want to play this game and have fun, your numbers (such as to-hit, skill totals, and overall ability to actually be strong) will always be inferior to everyone else. That being said, your best course of action is to choose a build that does not rely on such silly things. You may choose to dump everything into a more brains oriented build and hope you can craft a leather beret. Alternatively, you may go down the Rifles path as Rifles don't need a single fucking stat point to headshot nerds for their entire health bar. Have fun, kids!